New sheet metal & paint

“So what do I do with a loooooonnng weekend with no race? Tear the place apart and make it (hopefully) bigger and better. Actually I blame you (twice), you, you and you for all setting up new sites and/or designs. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more of a website feel into the blog. I’ve been […]

Race 36 of 36

“Remember back in March, April & May how we were watching race 3, 9 or even 12 of 36? Felt like summer vacation did when I was a kid. When summer vacation was a ‘vacation’, not the short respite today’s kids get. The 2005 NASCAR season was still fresh. Reaching race 36 of 36 seemed […]

Help: Database testing

“I’m developing a Fantasy NASCAR statistics database. I’m a statistics junkie that loves stats inside out and upside down. My database has the 2004 & 2005 NASCAR Cup statistics thus far. I’m trying to make it easy, intuitive and unique from any other NASCAR database. I don’t have all the different ways I intend to […]

Kenny Schrader & Little Debbie

“The new #21 that Kenny Schrader will be driving for the Wood brothers is sweet looking. Little Debbie Snacks is coming onboard to sponsor the car for 19 races in 2006. The #21 Ford Fusion will also carry Motorcraft and the U.S. Air Force as rotating primary sponsors during the remaining runs. A sweet ride […]

NASCAR Thunder 2004

“After a long day on the interstates, highways and rural streets of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, there are few better ways to decompress from rude drivers, bumper-to-bumper traffic and general city mayhem then to wind it up to 190 mph and bang up some sheetmetal. I’m a NASCAR Thunder 2004 fanatic. Amongst everything […]

Lookout! It’s Todd Bodine

Summary: Word is out that Morgan-McClure Motorsports has said “out with Mike Wallace and in with Todd Bodine” for the final race of the 2005 season. Their actual quote is “Todd is coming off two wins in a row in the Craftsman Truck Series and has the momentum we feel will help our Lucas Oil […]

From Cup Champion To Rock Star

Summary: Kurt Busch gets pulled over in Phoenix for running a stop sign and reckless driving. Officer smells alcohol. Kurt refuses a field sobriety test. He is verbally abusive. They take him to Phoenix International Raceway and the Breath Test machine fails. Busch is given a ticket for reckless driving. Come Sunday he is no […]

Field Fillers: 2005

Summary: I’ve been working on what I’m humbly calling “The Ultimate Fantasy NASCAR Database. I’ve just finished entering the results for 2005. The number of different drivers that competed in the 34 races this season is 85. My Take: I’m anal about stats. I love ‘em. I would never have guessed there were that many […]

Bobby Labonte Can Smile

Summary: Bobby Labonte joins Petty Enterprises to race the #43 car for 2006. My Take: Pure excitement. This ‘Silly Season’ switch brings the most anticipation for next year yet. Here’s hoping Bobby does well and is happy at Petty.”

Greetings From TMS

Just as no one wants to admit their kids are ugly, I’ll never admit that Texas Motor Speedway shouldn’t have 2 races. But, between you and me, that race Sunday was one heck of a sleeper. Don’t tell anybody, but the wife and I left with 80 laps to go. Yeah. Can you believe it? […]