is bloated

“I’ve held off whipping up on a long time. After all (I’ll admit) they are my main source of daily NASCAR news. Having used the site 1000’s of times, I’m pretty adept at finding the things I want. Each year though, they cram more marketing fluff into the site. Track Pass is major bloat. […]

Fantasy Racing

As usual, this time of year, I am fretting over when the heck and are going to start their fantasy racing games. I’ve played the Ultimate Fantasy League at for about 4 years now. It’s an alright game. The main excitement of this game is the team draft that takes place before […]

What are you most excited about?

“Me? It’s definitely seeing the #2 Miller Lite car being piloted by Kurt Busch, and the #26 (the car formerly know as #97) Irwin Tools / Crown Royal ride with Jamie McMurray behind the wheel. Hey, I’m kinda old…I excite easily. I’ve got high hopes for my favorite Dale Jarrett. And, it will be interesting […]

Roush Racing: Driver X

“I caught Roush Racing: Driver X tonight on Discovery Channel. I think it was on last season also, right? So, I guess I’m a little behind the curve. Driver X is ‘American Idol’ for racing. Pick your favorite driver and root along at home as Jack Roush et al searches for the next great driving […]

Ultimate NASCAR Database Updated

“The Ultimate Fantasy NASCAR Database has just had the results from the 2003 season added to it. This brings the total race data to 108 races (2003 through 2005) that can be twisted and tweaked in many interesting ways. About half of the database queries are functional right now. I think I’ll focus my attention […]

2006 NASCAR season is heating up

“Though some bloggers kept the race talk going over the short off-season, my thoughts were elsewhere. But, like a campfire that easily fans into flame early the next morning, so is the excitement of the 2006 season heating up my interest once again. The first flare up was seeing Kurt Busch and the Blue Deuce. […]