Martinsville is empty

“I think maybe instead of advertising there was a Busch Series race in Martinsville, Virginia this weekend, they must have been touting it as the local elections. Fan turnout for the first Busch race in some 12 years was about equal to voter turnout for election of city officials. What a discouraging site. I wonder […]

OnebadWheel v3.0 unveiled

I’m happy to announce to the NASCAR statistic junkies that Onebadwheel version 3 is now up and running. Go to the home page and check it out. It is not completely fleshed out, and I have a long laundry list of ideas to implement yet. But, since the NASCAR season is already half over, I […]

Michael Waltrip is funny money

I’ve always considered Michael Waltrip a little too goofy for my taste. His quirky ‘stand-up’ routine that he performs while on camera was reminiscent of amateur hour at the local comedy club. Furthermore, I viewed him as the coat tail rider of DEI restrictor plate dominance. His average finish over the last 3 NASCAR seasons […]