Relax, It’s Denny Hamlin

It’s hard to believe how fast kids grow up these days. It’s been one NASCAR year since Denny Hamlin took over as driver of the JGR Fed Ex #11. That’s right. Denny debuted his NASCAR NEXTEL Cup career at the site of this weeks race, Kansas Speedway, on October 9, 2005 at the Banquet 400. […]

I’ve figured Tony Stewart Out

“I’ve got the answer. I know why Tony Stewart has been so good-natured the past couple of weeks. You know what I’m talking about. The Tony Stewart that gave us this quote after missing the Chase For The Nextel Cup. “It takes 26 weeks to get to this point. We just missed it tonight. We […]

Official NASCAR Mulligan Chart

  NOTE: The ‘Official 2006 NASCAR Mulligan Chart’ is ‘stuck’ up top until the end of the 2006 NASCAR season. There is fresh content below it Official NASCAR 2006 ‘Chase For The Nextel Cup’ Mulligan Chart Week Driver Mulligan Race Finish Pre-Race Post-Race #1 Kyle Busch Sylvania 300 38th 4th 10th #1 Jimmie Johnson Sylvania 300 […]

What Did Jimmie Johnson Just Say?

NASCAR Quote Machine v2 Robby Gordon was the quote machine last year at New Hampshire International Speedway. This year, it’s one of my two favorite whipping boys, Jimmie Johnson. Pre-race Interview During the pre-race show, Marty Snider was talking with Jimmy Johnson just before driver introductions. The conversation went like this: Marty Snider: “Happy Birthday […]

NASCAR Point Standings Non-Chase Format

Old Format Nascar Points Standings I created a page that will track the NASCAR Driver Points Standings under the old format or ‘Non-Chase For The Nextel Cup’ format. Matt Kenseth & Jimmie Johnson have a pretty healthy lead on the other drivers. But, it will be pretty interesting to see just how the 2006 NASCAR […]

Denny Hamlin Pie In Face Video

“There is the proverbial ‘pie in the face’ then there is the real ‘pie in the face’. This one is real. Kevin Harvick gets a square shot of full on face pie into Denny Hamlin during NASCAR Cup qualifying at New Hampshire International Speedway. “

Lucky Dog is 3

Happy Birthday to NASCAR’s Lucky Dog The ‘Lucky Dog’ is offically 3 years (+ 1 day) old. The Lucky Dog is Born On lap 159 of the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway (my favorite driver) Dale Jarrett wrecked. I don’t recall the particulars, but I remember the race. They were showing an in-car […]

New Hampshire International Speedway

Fantasy Racing Perspective Here’s some quick statistics to help set your NASCAR fantasy racing team for the upcoming New Hampshire International Speedway ‘Sylvania 300′. Best Average Finishes Just like last weeks race at Richmond, once again, Denny Hamlin has the theoretical best average finish at New Hampshire Speedway. He leads all active drivers with an […]

NASCAR Points Adjustment 2006

“In case anyone is interested, here is the run down of how many points the top 10 drivers were adjusted as they move into the Chase For The Nextel Cup. NASCAR Points Adjustment for 2006 Chase for the Nextel Cup contenders Driver Point Adjustment Matt Kenseth +1265 Jimmie Johnson +1317 Kevin Harvick +1559 Kyle Busch […]

Tony Stewart Under The Microscope

I’ve been overanalyzing Tony Stewart’s performance for the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup season. I’ve got an odd sort of shock over him not making the Chase. I’m seeing 7 specific races that really knocked him out of contention for back to back championships. Of course, a few spots better in any one or combination of […]