And God’s Favorite Driver is…

“I’m not sure I know the answer to that one. Anybody? Marc? 4-Ever-3? Dude? I did get ahold of the outline for the ‘Invocation’ at the beginning of the Dickies 500 this weekend though. I’m sure they are still working it out…as it seems a little over-the-top at the moment. Dear God, we thank you […]

Winner or Loser?

“I just finished posting the practice results for the Bank of America 500. I’m none too surprised with Brian Vickers poor performance in practice and qualifying. He starts out 25th for the race. He is 4 up from the bottom on the overall practice chart. It’s not like he has ever really impressed at Lowe’s […]

Talladega Is Smooth My Butt

Caution For Debris On The Front Stretch Why so much trash on the front stretch at Talladega? Car debris from the final lap crash? I wonder what is the hot topic this week in NASCAR? Brian Vickers first NASCAR Nextel Cup victory. Right? To the non-NASCAR-ish among us, that’s not a loaded question. Those watching […]

Two More NASCAR Race Stats Available

“I’ve added two new pages to the NASCAR racing database. Consider it a preview of NASCAR statistics I plan to incorporate during the off season. The only data in the database right now for these new pages is for the UAW Ford 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. I’ll post the data for the remaining races of […]

Kansas Speedway Is The Toto Package

Was there anything missing from the NASCAR race run at Kansas Speedway today? Let’s see… Lots of passing Lots or hard racing Three & four-wide racing New ‘Chaser-Mulligans‘ Group B drivers running and finishing up front Excitement right down to the last drop (and beyond) I would say that for a cookie-cutter 1 1/2 mile […]