ESPN Classic ‘Rip Off’

I’ve been eagerly, feverishly, almost salivating in anticipation of watching this particular NASCAR race on ESPN Classic tonight. It’s clearly been on the channel’s schedule since watching last weeks race. Which NASCAR race was I planning on watching, oh just the 1988 First Union 400 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Yeah, that right! The one where […]

NASCAR Trivia Quiz

“I just finished up the second NASCAR quiz which is, oddly enough, called the NASCAR Trivia Quiz #1. It’s about NASCAR trivia in general and not related to a theme like the NASCAR Daytona International Speedway Quiz.”

NASCAR Preseason Testing, Websites & Data Overload

“I’ve been so stoked these last two weeks watching SPEED and their PreSeason Thunder reports each night. But, I’ve got to tell you, they keep talking about an aspect of NASCAR I don’t have a clue about. If you haven’t heard me say it enough (and if this site isn’t evidence of it) I’m a […]

Benny Parsons RIP

For the past several days I have nervously opened my internet browser, pointed it to and felt apprehension I would see that Benny Parsons had died. Each day, I felt relief and a little hope. Last week while watching SPEED, Benny’s brother, Phil, remarked that Benny was very ill and needed our prayers. From […]

NASCAR Trivia: Daytona International Speedway

“How well do you think you know NASCAR trivia? Being a statistics and trivia geek (and what this site is all about except for the occasional rant) I’ve started what will become a collection of NASCAR trivia quizzes. The first one, Daytona International Speedway Quiz, is up and waiting for you.”

NASCAR Fantasy Race Team Name Generator

“It’s getting close to sign ups being available for the NASCAR Fantasy Racing games. Is it just me? Or, do you have a danged ol’ time coming up with a name for your NASCAR fantasy race team or group? I was looking through my Google Analytics data and saw that a recent visitor to OneBadWheel […]

10 Things I Don’t Want This NASCAR Season

Looking back on the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup season, I’ve made my list of the 10 things I DON’T want to see in 2007. 10) I don’t want to see Greg Biffle lead 993 laps (the third highest of the 2006 season) in 19 different races, yet have 6 DNF’s (3 engines & 3 accidents) […]

1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Hooters 500

I finished watching ESPN Classic’s re-running of the 1992 Hooters 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Watching this race was a time warp. Names like Kulwicki, Allison, Gant, Earnhardt & Petty. I’m amazed how much has changed in the television broadcast. Today’s slick presentation is light years beyond that just 14 years ago. Cheesy graphics like […]

Daytona: Preseason Thunder Day Combined Results Group 1

If you’ve been watching SPEED TV during this first round of NASCAR Nextel Cup testing for the Daytona 500, you saw Larry McReynolds comment on the speed charts now in the books. He took the paper and ripped it in half. Saying that’s about as much stock as you can put in these numbers. The […]

Daytona: Preseason Thunder Day 4

Well, the final Daytona pre-season testing results are in for the first group of NASCAR Nextel Cup teams. Several of the teams packed it up on Wednesday. This is the make up session for the rainout on Monday. Here’s the results: 2007 Daytona Testing Day 4 (AM) Rank Car # Driver Make Time Speed 1 […]