Waltrip-ism’s Auto Club 500

Darrell Waltrip is good for quotes every time he’s close to a microphone. And, while I could go without hearing “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity” ever again, his fresh comments are blogworthy for sure. Here’s a couple of Waltripisms from the Auto Club 500 at California: Back in my day we raced for checkered flags not yellow […]

This Is Random

Radio Shack has dropped it’s sponsorship of the Spring race at Texas Motor Speedway here in Fort Worth. Along with Samsung, they have been the marquee sponsor of the event for the last 5 years. I’ve known Radio Shack since I was a kid growing up in Ohio. Ricky, Billy and I would buy parts […]

How To Instantly Be A NASCAR Sponsor…Unless

Imagine with me or nod your head that you’re a small business owner. Plus, you’re a diehard NASCAR racing fan. How would you like to see your company name on the rear of a top-shelf car like Roush-Fenway’s #99 Carl Edwards car? Office Depot is sponsoring a sweepstakes to become the Official Small Business of […]

If You’re Not Watching Classic NASCAR You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The classic NASCAR race broadcasts each week on ESPN Classic are solid gold nuggets of 1980’s and 1990’s NASCAR history. Yesiree Bob. ESPN Classic and a Dish Direct DVR [Tivo][VCR] are your best friends right now for redeeming lost years of great NASCAR races. If you’re not tuning into these races your starving your inner-NASCAR […]

Auto Club 500: Trivial Numbers

Some interesting numbers for trivial talk and NASCAR fantasy race games relating to this Sunday’s Auto Club 500 at California Speedway. California Speedway 2: Poles by Kurt Busch (most) 3: Wins by Jeff Gordon (most) 4th: Carl Edward’s average finish (best) 5: Mark Martin & Kurt Busch have each scored bonus points for leading laps […]

Give Me a Hungry Driver and I’ll Give You a Champion

Its been said ‘The woman makes the man.’ To which I wholeheartedly agree (especially in my life). But, in the world of NASCAR, is it the driver that makes the car? Or, does the car make the driver? What is it that brings a mediocre team out of the shadows and into the chase for […]

2007 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Auto Club Speedway

Auto Club 500 Now That Daytona Is Over Congratulations to Kevin Harvick for winning the 2007 Daytona 500. I would also like to thank Mark Martin for once again giving all of his fans, including myself, his best effort. We really appreciate it Mark. Not the most stellar of starts to the year but it […]

Survivor Daytona 500

NASCAR. The ultimate reality show. Survivor doesn’t come close to the controversy, division and name calling that NASCAR racing generates among its fans. Or, some would challenge, that NA$CAR generates among its fans. The Diecast Dude (one of the more respected voices of reason…unlike myself) rants in his Nice Job NASCAR post, “Congratulations, NASCAR. You’ve […]

Red Bull Sprouting NASCAR Wings

Watching Brian Vickers & A J Allmendinger in Chasing Sunday: The Race to the Cup before the pre-race show was interesting. My opinion towards Allmendinger prior to the show was leaning towards cynicism. He’s wrecked everytime he’s gotten on the track at Daytona. Then Team Red Bull’s failure to make the Daytona 500 only compounded […]

Daytona 500 Fantasy Racing Preview

“Down to the wire almost, but I have posted Jeff Gutowski’s Fantasy Racing Preview for the Daytona 500. If you need some final advice before setting your team, check out his article. He has specific Yahoo! Fantasy racing information as well. Plus, it’s not too late to join his fantasy racing league at Yahoo!”