The Lazy Man’s Way To NASCAR

I’m either the lazy man or the modern man. I’m not sure which. I’m convinced I am the sole reason for the saturation of commercials during the NASCAR race broadcasts. I break the age old mold of the television viewer, so advertisers have to throw a lot of mud on my wall to get some […]

Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

“The three kinds of lies, right? So why do we love NASCAR statistics so much? Because they give a predictability to the outcome of a race. Even when a driver’s average finish or track type averages don’t pan out, we have the satisfaction of identifying it as out of the ordinary. But, what happens when […]

UAW DiamlerChrysler 400: Trivial Numbers

Some interesting numbers for trivial talk and NASCAR fantasy race games relating to this Sunday’s UAW DiamlerChrysler 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1: Laps led at last year’s UAW DiamlerChrysler 400 by race winner Jimmie Johnson. 3: Back-to-back race winners at Las Vegas. Jeff Burton (1999/2000), Matt Kenseth (2003/2004), Jimmie […]

NASCAR Driver Loop Data

“I’ve quietly added some more statistics for you NASCAR statistic junkies to chew your fantasy-race-team-picks-cud on. About half of the NASCAR ‘Loop Data’ that I’ve harvested is up in the Drivers Stats section. I’m somewhat distracted from completing the rest of the pages at the moment. But, will have them up soon. I’ve always been […]

2007 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

UAW DiamlerChrysler 400 Back To Racing This week we get back to racing as NASCAR heads to Las Vegas with the 3rd race of the season. My Pick To Win Las Vegas The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has been reconfigured since last year and has the progressive banking like at Homestead-Miami. For that reason I […]

White Trash Rapture

I still don’t get the man-on-the-street interview responses by some of the citizens in the state of Washington about the detrimental effect of building a NASCAR track in Kitsap County. Do they envision droves of redneck-SOUTHERNERS from the backwoods of Tennessee, the Carolina’s, Georgia and Alabama will invade their state? Or, worse yet, the incomprehensible […]

NASCAR 2 for 1 Deal

Call me obsessive. Call me petty. Call me a strange. I swear I’m not alone in this!?! Double redundancy drives me crazy. Not mad crazy. More like a mental vertigo. You know what I’m talking about. These: A hot water heater A free gift Past history Worse yet: ATM machine. Automatic teller machine machine HIV […]


What does this NASCAR fan do during a slow race week? He finally breaks down and watches Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. I know it’s 7 months after the release date and probably a year after the initial non-stop promoting began, but I’m unusually resistant to most comedies. While everyone else is laughing, […]