2007 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Richmond International Raceway

Crown Royal 400 Back To The COT This weekend we head from a restrictor plate track to the short track at Richmond and another race with the COT. Seeing that it is a COT race I am going to stick with the drivers who have run well with them so far this year. My Pick […]

2007 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Talladega Superspeedway

Aaron’s 499 The Superspeedway Crapshoot This weekend we head for the second restrictor plate race of the season at Talladega Superspeedway. This race is the 1/4 mark of the season, so the teams should have all of their issues ironed out by now if they have a realistic chance of making the Chase. Restrictor plate […]

I’m A NASCAR Champion And All I Have Is This T-Shirt To Show For It

I’m willing to bet we all know someone, or been the someone, that has blown through an inheritance much too fast. It’s good times and high cotton at first. The end of the ride seems like it is way down the road. But finally comes the realization that it’s almost all gone. And you better […]

2007 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Phoenix International Raceway

Subway Fresh Fit 500 First Saturday Night Race This weekend we head to Phoenix, Arizona and the first Saturday night race of the season. My Pick To Win Phoenix My pick to win this weekend is Jeff Gordon. That’s right, Jeff Gordon is going to win his first race this year at a track he […]

What Everybody Ought To Know About The Dodge Charger Daytona

In early January we were talking about 200mph qualifying runs and looking at the top 30 all-time qualifying speeds in NASCAR history. I had come along a particular site, read some information, snagged a photo (crediting them) and we moved on to Daytona. A few weeks ago, I received an email from Greg Kwiatkowski. Who’s […]

If Mark Martin Raced The Full Season Results

With Mark Martin currently in 11th place in the NASCAR Nextel Cup point standings, he is still in contention to make the Chase. Incredible, since he’s already skipped two races. The consensus amongst the vocal commenters here was that Mark Martin made the right choice running the season how he wanted. I still agree. But, […]

NAPA Hatted Ho

I’m grooving with the masses as we ebb and flow outside the Texas Motor Speedway. We’re looking left then right at the driver merchandise. Money flows freely on race day. It’s barely an hour before race time as I ponder which driver will get my wallet full of crisp bills. My favorite driver, Dale Jarrett, […]

10 Guarantees Every NASCAR Race

“After another great race, compliments of the NASCAR Ticket Fairy, I’ve noted 10 things I experience each race. 10) We NASCAR fans spend alot of money at the souvenir trailers. I wonder: Does anyone buy NASCAR merchandise online? (That’s a trick marketing question on my part…I’d love to know the answer.) 9) When you get […]

NASCAR Ticket Fairy

I’m not sure what it is that makes me fortunate enough to be visited by the NASCAR Ticket Fairy® each year. After the initial shock, I’m always happy to see the dude. I wonder if other NASCAR fans that live in a city that has a NASCAR track seem to always score free seats as […]

Whack Me Baby One More Time

The Buschwhackers. I’m not sure of the official definition for ‘Buschwhacker’. I think it’s severity and impact differs among race fans. That picture over there is of a Busch Whacker. Here is a Bush-Whacker. For your party you can get a Daiquiri Whacker. I’ve used plenty of good ol’ Weed Whackers. And, of course (EDITOR: […]