Jimmie Johnson Making a Great Team Even Better, In Rolex 24 At Daytona

The Rolex 24 At Daytona annually welcomes a broad cross-section of the world’s best drivers who compete in racing disciplines ranging from open-wheel to NASCAR and this year is no different. With the all-important Daytona 500 looming on the near horizon, two-time and reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Jimmie Johnson has nonetheless arrived early […]

What Has Yahoo! Gone And Done?

Maybe later I’ll give some pre-amble and other information, but for now the news is I’m blogging over at Yahoo! in the NASCAR blog. As it’s a new gig and all…I sure would appreciate you coming over there and help me get some conversations rolling!”

NASCAR Fantasy Game Registration Open

I’ve opened up the Champs, Chumps & Sleepers registration for everyone that wants to join in the fun of our NASCAR Fantasy game. The rules are pretty simple. Each week you pick 2 NASCAR drivers for each of the 3 categories (Champ, Chump or Sleeper). That is 2 drivers that will do good (Champs), 2 […]

2008 NASCAR Fantasy Draft Kit: Michael Waltrip Racing

An in-depth look at Michael Waltrip racing and how their drivers might work on your fantasy NASCAR team for 2008. 2007: What Happened It was not a soft landing for the newly formed Michael Walrip Racing. After using his team essentially for his personal Busch ride over the past seven years, Michael Waltrip partnered with […]

Jeff Gordon Hosts Live with Regis and Kelly

I think it’s safe to assume Rick Hendrick won’t take his cues from Theresa Earnhardt in regards to Jeff Gordon’s host fill-in stint on today’s “Live with Regis and Kelly”. So, there is no breaking news of Rick Hendrick saying, “Right now the ball’s in his court to decide on whether he wants to be […]

NASCAR Boys or Men?

NASCAR is talking about raising the age limit for entry into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to 21. The current age restriction is 18 years old and (from what I can find) was inked into NASCAR law at the end of the 2001 season. Not happy news for 17-year old Joe Gibbs Racing Development driver […]

Daytona Is All Sunshine And Lollipops

I was listening to this NASCAR podcast with Sprint Cup Series Director, John Darby, about his take on how Daytona testing went for the Sprint Cup Series. For the most part he implies it was all sunshine and lollipops. He gave some interesting insight into the vibe in the garage. I’d love to hear a […]

Benny Parsons

It was one year ago today that Benny Parsons died. Not that there is ever a ‘good time’ to lose someone you really like, but with the fervor of Daytona testing starting it still seems doubly sad to not have Benny’s humor, insight and experience any more. Dale Earnhardt Sr. is gone. Rusty Wallace and […]

Daytona’s Just A Fantasy

“I’m feeling very Diecast Dude this morning. Jerry is the master at relating some of his posts to obscure bands or songs. As I write this post I’m reminded of the Aldo Nova song ‘Fantasy’. It’s either that or make the cruder reference to another type of ‘fantasy’ activity that scoffers of Fantasy Games throw […]

Larry McReynolds Revealed

Much to my opposition, my daughter took American Sign Language in her last 2 years of High School. ‘Habla Espanol’ I would tell her. It is ‘Muy bueno’ for your future advancement in almost any job. She opted to show me her fingers instead. Sheesh. Kids. But, it turns out that it has been quite […]