NASCAR Track Facts: Bristol Motor Speedway

Food City 500 Here is a quick run down of trivial facts and statistics for this weekend’s Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee. Track Numbers Races: 94 Pole Winners: 41 Race Winners: 36 Races Won from Pole (or 1st Starting Position): 21 Bristol held its first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race […]

60 Years Of NASCAR Has Included 47 Years Of Bristol Action

NASCAR PRESS RELEASE: DAYTONA BEACH, Fla (Mar 13, 2008) Bristol Motor Speedway On The Schedule Since 1961 Bristol Motor Speedway, now a modern-day stock car coliseum, had modest beginnings, much like NASCAR itself. Through the years, the half-mile track has grown in size and stature, a development mirrored by the growth of stock car racing […]

2008 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Bristol Motor Speedway

Food City 500 I’m With Tony Tires were the subject of the day after the race at Atlanta last weekend. In my opinion it wasn’t that the tires were “bad”. It was more that it wasn’t the right tire to use at Atlanta. What I really don’t get is that they do a tire test […]

Hot Damn… Just Who was Darrell Waltrip Talking About Anyway?

So I’m kicking back with my feet up on the couch for a little relaxation after getting the kids fed. I decided I’d go ahead and make some free disk space in my TiVo box in order to have room for all the races and race shows this weekend. I then decided that I’d watch […]

A fan favorite NASCAR blog & fantasy racing resource website that you can pimp.

“For those of you who don’t know it, I’m just a volunteer here at OneBadWheel. No pay, no obligations, and best of all, I don’t have to turn off the lights and lock-up at the end of the day like in my real job. Oh wait, that’s right, this site never turns off the lights. […]

When Earnhardt Jr Wins His First Race Then You Win Too!

My son doesn’t quite know what to do with his loyalty. You see, he was a fan of the #18 Interstate Batteries car until Bobby Labonte left the team. He loves the color green and green is his favorite Kool-Aid flavor. He also really liked Bobby Labonte and thought he was nice on TV. Then […]

Personal Racing Simulator, or is it a Stimulator

When my Powerball ticket finally comes through for me, I think I’ve found one of the toys I’ll be buying. My own Personal Racing Stimulator…. I mean Simulator. [Go ahead, click the image, you know you want to!] Virtual GT is a high tech, fully customizable racing simulator. It’s advertised as not just a game, […]

Red Bull gives A.J. Allmendinger Wings

Team Red Bull may be installing an ejection seat in the #84 Red Bull Toyota as they’re about to give the driver wings. A report off the Associated Press is posted on Fox Sports which states that Red Bull is considering relieving A.J. Allmendinger temporarily of his driving duties in an effort to determine what […]

2008 NASCAR Fantasy Preview: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Kobalt Tools 500 Roush Lovin’ The COT Now? Week 3 is in the books and it looks like the Roush teams are ahead of the curve at this point of the season. Carl Edwards won his 2nd straight race but could possibly face a penalty from NASCAR after failing post-race inspection. A penalty could be […]