Who is the NASCAR Turkey of the Year?

NASCAR fans can always find something to complain about. Heck, I wouldn’t have a lot to blog about if it wasn’t this way. After a long season of good and bad, it’s time to nominate some Turkeys for the year. Whether true or imagined, there are plenty of candidates for the ToY. The CoT She […]

View From the Couch: 2008 Sprint Cup Review

Last week I asked people what they thought of the 2008 season. The results were mixed, but overall people felt disappointed with the season. There were certainly highlights during the season like a thrilling Daytona 500, both Bristol races My suspicion is that the CoT played a big part in these feelings. Without a competitive […]

The Owner Points Shuffle

It’s not as catchy as The Stones’ Harlem Shuffle or as cool as the Ickey Woods Shuffle or the Super Bowl Shuffle, but for Sprint Cup teams on the edge of the owners points cliff all of the downsizing and reorganization is helping other teams shuffle to safety for 2009. In the final standings Chip […]

Difference Makers for Hire

In most years Silly Season focuses on drivers swapping seats. While there was plenty of that this summer (Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Mark Martin) many of the biggest moves will come this fall. Biggest doesn’t always mean headline-grabbing, seven-figures salary big. In this case it we’re talking about the nerve center of a race team, […]

Question of the Week: How good was 2008?

The 2008 Sprint (formerly Nextel) Cup season was filled with changes. Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch having new addresses, the foxy and boxy new car(formerly sleek and sexy), the CoT went fulltime, Toyota hinted at the dominance many xenophobes (formerly old-timers) feared and Jimmie Johnson still came out on top. It was an eventful […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Cale vs Jimmie

“One of the beauties of sports is the arguments. Is player A better than player B? Was it better back in the day or now? It’s fun to argue and discuss, but for any argument it’s important to use the right context. Raw numbers don’t work. You have to understand a number of other factors […]

Jimmie Johnson On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

I may never know what drives the disdain I have towards Jimmie Johnson. I do know there is a direct correlation between his on-track success and post-race affability and my (not always so) private mockery of him. This week’s (November 24, 2008) issue of Sport’s Illustrated featuring Jimmie Johnson on the cover with the billing […]

View From the Couch: Homestead

At the beginning of the season I said that Jimmie Johnson’s team “is the best in Cup until someone rips the mantle from his shoulders”. Carl Edwards gave it a great tug, but for the third straight season the banner, confetti, trophy and 7 million dollar check are still in Johnson’s possession. Johnson has raised […]

Winners Of Free Kevin Harvick Hat Homestead-Miami

“Here are the results for the final round of autographed Kevin Harvick “Gunk Free Nation” hats. Remember, we were looking for the closest cumulative guess for Kevin’s position after the first yellow flag and his finish position. This week there were no ties. We had clear cut winners for first and second place: Gary and […]

Homestead & Final Standings in OBW Experts Chase Game

I’m sure Darren is not happy that Jimmie Johnson won yet another championship. I on the other hand enjoy being a fan and witnessing records and history being made. I love witnessing history such as Dale Earnhardt Sr. finally winning the Daytona 500. Then there’s Jeff Gordon passing Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the all-time win […]