A Manufacturer’s Best Hope – Texas I

What a great race at Martinsville! Yes, it was dominated by the three guys everyone expected- Johnson, Gordon, and Hamlin. The three combined to lead 485 of the 500 laps, and also as expected, it came down to a closing lap bump to determine the winner. But there was also great racing throughout the field […]

A Manufacturer’s Best Hope – Martinsville

“I must say I was somewhat impressed with the top ten finish from Mark Martin in Bristol. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt about his ability. But Mark sat out the last four Cup races at Bristol and his previous 12 attempts left him with 23.9 average finish position. Mark got off on […]

A Manufacturer’s Best Hope – Bristol

“I’ve read a few articles and blogs stating that this last week’s break doesn’t make sense after only four races into the season. A part of me agrees. However, with back-to-back trips to the west coast I have to think that the crews and transport drivers may feel differently. While the Cup schedule does need […]

New Ranting and Raving Fantasy Game

“If you’re anything like me then you’re probably already playing at least a half-dozen NASCAR fantasy games. I’m holding my own in a few of them while having my butt whooped in a few others. It’s the occasional butt-whooping that makes me play multiple NASCAR fantasy games. See, while I may be looking like a […]

Who’s That Girl? Miss Sprint Cup Monica

“I’ve been a NASCAR fan for quite a while. I remember when the track was covered with Buicks, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles and Fords… and they looked like Buicks, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles and Fords from a distance too, chrome bumpers and all! A lot has changed though, both on the track and in victory lane. While some may […]

Does Kurt Busch’s Victory Lap Need A Name

“As a one time Penske fan [I moved on once both Rusty and Ryan were gone], I was thrilled to see Kurt dominate the race in Atlanta. It was great to see David Stremme showing strong too. In my last article I even mentioned that Kurt would be a good darkhorse pick to win. Thankfully, […]

A Manufacturer’s Best Hope – Atlanta

“Stealing a quote from Mike, From Kurt Busch doing snow angels in Texas to Kyle Busch trying to kiss the Vegas finish line through his helmet, their victory celebrations still need some work.” I was thinking the same thing when I saw Kyle down on his hands, toes and nose “kissing” the track through the […]

A Manufacturer’s Best Hope – Las Vegas

“Matt Kenseth put his Ford Fusion into Victory Lane in the Auto Club 500 in California this past weekend. The win made for his second in a row– this time without the rain. This gives Ford a six point lead in the Manufacturer’s point championship race. Matt became the first driver to win the season’s […]

Drivers Looking For A Big 2009 Season (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1. Today I look at the final three drivers on my list that are looking for a big 2009 season. These drivers have contracts that supposedly run through the end of the year. Having a great 2009 season will help set them up to either hold on to their existing ride or […]

Drivers Looking For A Big 2009 Season (Part 1)

“The starting lineup has not even been set for the Daytona 500, yet there are drivers who are likely already thinking about the 2010 season.  These drivers have contracts that supposedly run through the end of this season.  Having a great season in 2009 will help set them up to either hold on to their […]