Put Down the Pitchforks!

Junior & Junior If you ventured into the NASCAR aisle of the Web in the last 48 hours you’ve probably seen the gamut of emotions and opinions surrounding the Juniors (which always seems to be the case with the most popular and often polarizing figure in the sport). It’s the nature of the beast, but […]

View From the Couch: Bristol

So far 2009 looks a lot like 2008. Kyle Busch and Gibbs Racing appear in top form, Roush-Fenway has two wins and looks strong again and Hendrick, despite being winless, looks set for another superb season. Busch has two wins and led 517 laps and looks set to vie for another 8-10 wins. Here’s the […]

What To Watch For: Bristol

“Thanks to an off week NASCAR hasn’t raced in almost two weeks. That’s good news for anyone who had spring break, insomnia, amnesia or a short prison stint because they didn’t miss a thing. Just in case, here’s a few tidbits in anticipation of Bristol. Ratio from talking about wrecks to the actual carnage. 4:1 […]

Why Are Teams Not Going to Bristol?

“Something doesn’t add up. The Spring Cup entry lists are dwindling, but it doesn’t make sense. Bristol has 45 cars on the Cup list. The easy conclusion to draw is that teams just can’t afford to run every race. Sure, times are tough-Jeff Gordon is reportedly keeping all the cans tossed at his car for […]

NASCAR’s Own Version of March Madness

“In the next week we’ll hear lots of talk about bubble teams, making the cut and “do or die”. Most of the talk will center around the beloved NCAA tourney, but NASCAR has its own version of March Madness, although no one will bet any money or try to follow NASCAR’s version from work. Hanging […]

What Are Cup Drivers Doing This Weekend?

As soon as the checkered flag flew at Atlanta most drivers turned their attention to their plans for the next week. After a month’s worth of racing around the country, they finally get a weekend off to do whatever they want. Some retreat to their hobbies, others go on vacations and some, well, take a […]

View From the Couch: Atlanta

No matter what you think about the Busch brothers, they both can drive. While Kyle has eclipsed big bro’ Kurt on most weekends, when either driver gets a car that is running well it’s usually game over. Kurt Busch hit the outside wall multiple times but still managed to keep the lead for 2/3’s of […]

Can Brian Vickers Win in ’09?

“Brian Vickers has already gone through a lot in his Cup career. It’s easy to forget that he’s only 25. He has gone from being a Young Gun with one of the top organizations in racing to driving for an upstart team that was instantly dismissed by some as a career-killer. In his third season […]

View From the Couch: Las Vegas

“Is anyone else going to hear Mike Joy saying, “Caution on the racetrack” in their sleep? Actually the calls for “Trouble in Turn 2″ were refreshing and brought back fond memories. Fourteen cautions that felt like forty and cars may still be spinning around. The race actually contained a fair amount of intrigue with the […]

What To Watch For: Las Vegas

This week it’s the Shelby 427. Thanks to Ford generously suggesting 27 more laps, the race now has a built-in “competition caution”. First it was the Aaron’s 499 and now the Shelby 427, but this idea of sponsors dictating race lengths is a little ridiculous. However, I will change my mind when I see ads […]