View From the Couch: Fontana

“The Winning Robot is back. A lot is made about the Daytona 500 winner and how it’s not a telltale sign for the season or how Matt Kenseth winning the first two races of the season is historical. Realistically the result is no surprise. Roush has won the last five spring races at Fontana/California/Auto Club […]

What to Watch for at Fontana

“So your Fantasy rosters are filled out and you feel like you have a pretty good handle on who to watch for on Sunday. Which drivers you think will do well, which drivers to avoid, and which driver with a name rhyming with Fryin’ Snickers (sounds fattening)” you hope will sidle up to a certain […]

Testing 1…2…(I guess that’s illegal now)

By now everyone knows that NASCAR has banned testing at all NASCAR-sanctioned tracks (including regional short tracks like Greenville-Pickens and Irwindale Speedway). Daytona was always going to be a race disconnected to the rest of the season, but now that the schedule heads to three straight intermediate tracks we will really find out how important […]

View From the Couch: Daytona

“Be honest. If you wrote down your top ten drivers that had a chance to win at Daytona, Matt Kenseth would not be on the list. He may not even make the top 15, but it’s not because he’s lacking on restrictor plate tracks. He has 3 top 5’s and 8 top 10’s in his […]

Who Will Make the Chase?

“Let’s be honest. With 12 drivers making the Chase, it’s hardly rocket science to predict who will make it. Maybe this year will be upside down, but realistically the top drivers remain the top drivers each year. Last year the Chase was comprised of drivers from four teams. Without testing it will be tougher for […]

10 Reasons Why Stewart-Haas Is Better Than You Think

When Tony Stewart surprised almost everyone to leave his cushy job at Joe Gibbs Racing to assume ownership of Haas CNC Racing, people assumed the worst. The obvious comparisons were for Stewart to have a similar path to other driver-owners, Robby Gordon and Michael Waltrip. While on the surface that makes some sense, but Stewart’s […]

RCR: The Ohio State Buckeyes of NASCAR

“I get it. January for race fans is like baseball’s spring training. Everyone has a chance. That’s why every year there are articles like: “Waltrip ready to bounce back “Busch says he’s matured since last year “McMurray set to fulfill potential “Eury and Earnhardt Jr are on the same page So I wasn’t surprised when […]

Has the 4-car team outgrown its usefulness?

“Three or four years ago Hendrick Motorsports and Roush Racing were dominating the sport. People pointed to their 4 and 5-car teams as a major reason for their successes (nevermind their impressive collections of mechanical, engineering and driving talent). The theory said that the more cars you had, the more data you could compile and […]

Labonte gets a ride, Roush expands to nine teams

It’s late in the offseason, but Bobby Labonte finally has a ride. The former champion will drive the #96 car for Hall of Fame Racing in a new partnership with Yates Racing. The move is interesting for Labonte. He can still drive, but because he’s been mired in Petty equipment for the last three seasons […]

Question of the Week: What’s Your NASCAR Temperature?

The Daytona 500 is less than 40 days away, but am I the only one that feels like it’s 40 months away? Maybe it’s my personal situation (new baby, snowstorm of the century in Portland, holiday madness), but there’s no denying that things are different this year. The majority of the headlines this offseason involve […]