10 Guarantees Every NASCAR Race

“After another great race, compliments of the NASCAR Ticket Fairy, I’ve noted 10 things I experience each race.

10) We NASCAR fans spend alot of money at the souvenir trailers. I wonder: Does anyone buy NASCAR merchandise online? (That’s a trick marketing question on my part…I’d love to know the answer.)

9) When you get home you smell like you’ve been at a cook out.

8) During the National Anthem I look around for the flippant few that have not taken their hat off.

7) 3 laps at each restart is the unspoken yet agreed upon length to stand before sitting down.

6) Fan reaction & drama is the same during NASCAR drivers introductions as it is at a WWE Wrestling event.

5) It is very entertaining to see 40+ year old women whoop and jig like a school girl when ‘the beautiful’ drivers are introduced.

4) The United States Military marching with the colors. The crowd cheering them. And then the flyover. Wow.

3) Even though you’re sitting next to a guy wearing a Jimmie Johnson jacket you can cheer when his car blows up, yet the two of you don’t come to blows.

2) When I can’t stand it any longer and make the dash to the restroom, I wonder ‘Why are all these people walking around down here like there’s not a freakin’ race going on!’

1) I still want to watch the television broadcast the next day so I can get the story on why some of the things happened.

I’m sure I missed several more. Got any?”