$23 Billion Photo Opp Performed by Busch and Montoya?

nascar drivers kyle busch and juan pablo montoya run 1-2 talladega M&Ms Wrigleys Juicy FruitI’m not sure which of the following is more impressive. Kyle Busch winning the Talladega race, or Juan Pablo Montoya finishing second. Perhaps it depends upon how much you love/hate Kyle, or how much you welcome/despise open wheel drivers now racing in NASCAR. Me, I fall into the former groups on both of those viewpoints. I’m really starting to love appreciate Kyle more than I dislike him, and I’ve always welcomed new blood in the series no matter what sex, race, nationality, or even what racing series they come from. :D

The longer I’m a fan of NASCAR the more I notice and enjoy the storybook finishes as well as the records that are made, or in Jeff Gordon’s case, the ones he breaks. I also love it when something happens that just seems too good to be true. Yet I know it’s just that, a coincidence.

The Aaron’s 499 at Talladega provided just such a situation as Kyle Busch and Juan Pablo Montoya drove their #18 Mars M&M’s and #42 Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit sponsored stock cars to a 1-2 finish. Not taking away from their performances, but at first glance it doesn’t appear like anything special or odd. Both drivers likely exceeded most fans expectations as Kyle performed much better than he normally does at Talladega, and Juan posted such a good finish in the restrictor plate race in only his sophomore year in the series. However, come Monday morning a Reuters report announced that Mars was buying Wrigley for $23 billion.

“M&M’s candy maker Mars Inc has teamed up with billionaire Warren Buffett to buy the No. 1 chewing gum manufacturer Wm Wrigley Jr Co (WWY.N) for $23 billion, creating the world’s largest confectionery company.

So, did Busch and Montoya orchestrate a $23 billion photo opp for their sponsor’s parent companies? We all know sponsors make the sport go-round, but is a new phrase in order?

“Win on Sunday. Merge on Monday. :D