5 Reasons NAPA Still Sponsors Michael Waltrip Racing

There are few sponsors as visible as NAPA in the Cup garage. Between a fulltime sponsor of the #55 car and a comprehensive ad campaign, the auto parts company is spending big bucks on NASCAR. Since 2001, they have backed, some might say blindly, Michael Waltrip. Despite only four wins–none since 2003–and a litany of troubles, NAPA is still on the hood of the Waltrip car. Here’s five possible reasons why the marriage has lasted this long.

  1. If you can’t sponsor the car in Victory Lane, at least back one that drops out of races early to ensure camera time.

  2. Waltrip promised NAPA execs he could land Dale J. They thought Dale Junior, he gave them Dale Jarrett.

  3. NAPA wants to penetrate the key, “guy with too many things on his plate and can’t finish any of them” demographic.

  4. NAPA doesn’t sell jet fuel, so why should that be a problem?

  5. With all of the replacement parts orders from MWR, NAPA actually comes out ahead each season.

  6. Note: I usually write top ten lists, but seriously, there aren’t even ten fictitious reasons why NAPA is still with MWR.