A Quick Thought on Post-Race Dustups

It’s taken me a week to process the whole Bristol/WWE scenario, but one thing jumped out at me. While almost everyone thought that Carl Edwards was right to spin out Kyle Busch, one thing was overlooked. This is the third time since 2006 that Carl Edwards has used his car to spin out someone else during caution laps.

2006 Pocono: After getting wrecked by Tony Stewart, Edwards sought justice by spinning out the #20 while entering pit road.

2006 Michigan Busch Race: While fighting for the lead Dale Earnhardt Jr bumped by Edwards to win the race. Edwards caught up to Earnhardt on the Victory Lap and bumped him several times and then confronted him in Victory Lane. This led to NASCAR placing Edwards on probation.

2008 Bristol: Edwards bumps Kyle Busch to pass for the win. Busch bumps into Edwards during cool down lap which Edwards returns by plowing into Busch and spinning him out. Both drivers were placed on 6-race probation.

Using a car as a weapon needs to stop, no matter who it is or how entertaining. Kyle Busch was wrong to start it, but Edwards was just as wrong to finish it. Neither should be commended for it, especially someone with a history of bumping under caution.