A Stimulus Package For Some NASCAR Fans

“Finally, a “stimulus package” for NASCAR fans that we should all be able to agree upon. Grid Girls are hot and stimulating and promoters in other forms of motor sports have benefited from them. So why not in NASCAR? After all, are we fans not all a bunch of drunk rednecks who love nothing more than our beer, babes and b-b- {trying to think of another “b” word} burning-rubber-stock-cars? So what’s not to love about busty babes bouncing up and down pit row?

I’m sure there are some NASCAR track promoters who would welcome Grid Girls with open arms [in more ways than one] as a way to fill the grandstands. However, we all know NASCAR wouldn’t let this happen. “It’s a family sport” after all — pay no attention to the three decades of cigarette sponsorship — but wouldn’t it be fun to think of ways the Grid Girls could stimulate the NASCAR fans and contribute along pit row?

Well you’re in luck. Below are a few examples of Grid Girls in action, albeit in other forms of motor sports. I’ve come up with my own ideas as to what they would be doing if they were at a NASCAR race.

The Welcoming Committee. Grid girls welcome fans with pit and garage passes. Once it’s time for pre-race activities to begin, the grid girls would then thank fans for coming and guide them to the nearest exit gates.
grid girls waving to fans

Pre-Race Entertainment. Speaking of pre-race activities, the grid girls entertain the fans in the grandstand and television while the pit and garage area are cleared of fans and other non-essential personnel.
grid girls dancing

Team Introductions. Grid girls carry team banners as they escort pit crew members onto the pit row in preparation for the national anthem.
grid girls carry team banners

Guided Tours. Grid girls could give personalized guided tours to small groups. Fans would surely follow the grid girls along pit row, the garage area, and pretty much anywhere she decided to lead them.
grid girl walking away

Driver Introductions. Grid girls could hold the umbrella to provide shade for the driver as he waits by his car for pre-race ceremonies to end. It should be noted that several driver’s wives would easily qualify for Grid Girl status. M-e-o-w!
grid girl hold umbrella

Sponsor Presentations. Grid girls could be donned with the various sponsor branded uniforms and be present during presentations, VIP guest suites, promotional displays, or other such events during the race weekend. Imagine how many more fans Kyle Petty would have if he had these Grid Girls way back when!
grid girls with hot wheels uniforms

Track Inspections Grid girls could check the track for debris both before and during the race. They could line up side-by-side to circle the track completely and provide nearly instant notification to NASCAR officials of that oh-so dangerous foam can coozie down off of the apron. Throw the yellow flag and hand out yet another “lucky dog” gimmick!
grid girls marlboro at track fence

Official Track Girls. Official grid girls for the track could be utilized to assist VIPs, NASCAR officials, celebrities and media darlings. For the fans, they could direct fans to the nearest restrooms, urgent care center, or funnel cake stand.
grid girl at indianapolis motor speedway

Safety Belt Inspections Grid girls could check driver’s safety harness, HANS device and window netting for proper belt tension and securement. Spare belts could be worn as part of the uniform and used as replacements for the driver… just in case tech inspection missed an expiration date on a belt.
grid girls short shorts and belts

Fan Encouragement and Celebrations. Grid girls could encourage fans during the race when their driver goes a lap down, or celebrate with them every time Jr. does something phenomenal. Every fan needs a hug every now and again during the race, right?
grid girls hugging

Starting Grid Lineup. Grid girls could display the team’s pit boards along pit row as the teams pull their cars out of the garage to lineup on pit row in the proper starting order.
grid girls with pit boards

Show Car and Fan Zone Grid girls could be present around the track and in the “fan zones” with show cars and the team’s souvenir trailers.
grid girls jim beam

Regardless of our political views, most all of us should agree there are plenty of opportunities to give NASCAR fans a stimulus package of it’s own. Not only would attendance be up at the track, but television ratings would rise as well. NASCAR as a sport may even earn a little respect from the NASCAR-bashers and other motor sports groups. The addition of Grid Girls in NASCAR could also help with the female unemployment rates.

If you’d like to see more Grid Girls then check out the wallpaper section at Eddsport where the images above (and more) can be found in full resolution for your computer.”