And God’s Favorite Driver is…

“I’m not sure I know the answer to that one. Anybody? Marc? 4-Ever-3? Dude?

I did get ahold of the outline for the ‘Invocation’ at the beginning of the Dickies 500 this weekend though.

I’m sure they are still working it out…as it seems a little over-the-top at the moment.

Dear God,
we thank you for the great state of Texas and for blessing us with Texas Motor Speedway. For by your grace it truly is ‘The Great American Speedway‘.

We ask for a safe race today. Protect the drivers and their crews. I pray that the powerful batteries supplied by Radio Shack will provide us with the crystal clear reception we have come to expect and enjoy on our Nextel phones.

As such, we do offer you thanks for the great cellular coverage efforts that have been provided for us as we enjoy today’s Dickies 500. Let us never forget your faithfullness and goodness towards us. You are much like a pair of Dickies work wear, which is strong yet fashionable.

Now lest we forget, dear God, let us remember our military men and women that so bravely protect us. Let them return home to family and friends safely. Bring them home to enjoy the simplicity and freedom we enjoy in America. Let them once again drive their Chevrolet Silverado’s around this great state. Remind us all Lord of the blessing that we have in great auto parts such as those at O’Reilly Auto Parts, who by the way is having a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ special through November 21st.

It is in the great name of your son, Jesus Christ, that we pray these things.


If you know what I’m gettin’ at…then you were watching the Atlanta race and your ears are tuned to this sort of thing. If not…well never mind.”