Anyone seen Elliott Sadler?

I wonder if the execs at M & M’s and Robert Yates Racing ever leave the race track wondering where their driver was?

They saw the car, but was that Tony Stewart behind the wheel of the M & M’s Ford?

I was racing my NASCAR Thunder 2004 last night and the intro featured one very clean shaven and baby faced Elliott Sadler assuring me with his Virginia twang that, “…it’s in the game!”

I thought wow…what a change. I remember when he said that he was gonna adopt the ‘Keith Urban’ look, cause all the chicks dig Keith. Once I verified with my wife who Keith Urban was I understood his comment.

As a web designer / programmer, I enjoy the benefit of a jeans and t-shirt enviroment. I only shave when: a) my wife says, “You need to shave.”, b) the boss says, “You need to shave.” or c) I look in the mirror and sigh, “I really need to shave.”

While digging around for older pics of Elliott Sadler I found an interesting and could much be written about paradox of NASCAR drivers and their sponsorships marketing of them.

Take for example the first two pictures as being the ones on the M & M’s racing website and Robert Yates Racing. Now contrast them with the third picture of the Elliott Sadler we know and love.

Tony Stewart is another excellent example of the marketing juggling-act that big money sponsorship wants and the desire to just let me be a racecar driver holds. Age and looks = marketability.

Be a racer Elliott. Win one at Texas for us today.