Asking the dumb questions

dumb and dumber question


Jeremy Mayfield’s #19 has a mechanical problem and puts him behind the wall for 100 laps. Pit reporter asks him, “Looks like your championship hopes are over now?”

Rusty Wallace’s #2 gets its front-end flattened and pits several times to fix it. Eventually, he’s behind the wall. Pit reporter asks him, “Championship-wise, Rusty, this may end it?”

My Take:

No fuckin’ shit, Sherlock!

Intelligent and reporting are two words that don’t go hand-in-hand with the NBC pit guys.

How about, “Are you going to be able to get back out there?” or even, “Sucks to be you, hunh?”

I’ve been holding off ranting about Tony Stewart and his smart-aleck remarks to Dave and the boys. Especially his standard, “What do you think Dave? Why don’t you tell me.” But now, I think I’m coming around to his way of thinking.

Asking a Chase contender if “today’s wreck puts you out of contention” is a legitimate question. But, isn’t the answer obvious? I would like to see a pit reporter think a little before firing off the ‘dumb questions’.”