Auto Club 500 restart well after 1:00 AM – Yes, morning! Kyle Busch charging forward!

nascar 2008 auto club 500 rain delay pit rowI don’t know how you watch most NASCAR races, but I seldom watch them live. Instead, I’ll usually wait until maybe an hour past the drop of the green flag before I’ll start watching. I have TiVo (one of the greatest bits of technology to grace my home) set to record all races 1-1/2 hours past the TV scheduled end time. However, I knew that the rain was likely to cause an issue in today’s race so I set it for the maximum 3 hours past schedule end time. I then loaded up my son in the car and went out for a little father & son time to get our hair cut, grab a bite to eat, swing through Blockbuster, and stop at Wal-mart for the toy I promised him. You see, my son impressed me tonight with just how good of a job he did cleaning his room. He not only picked up his toys like I asked, but he organized his shelves, vacuumed, dusted, tossed out old or broken toys, and even pulled the sheets off his bed and took them to the laundry room. If you knew my son, you would have been impressed too.

Anyway, once back home and all the kids put to bed, I zipped through the commercials and pre-race hype that didn’t interest me. Once the race started (according to my schedule), I cracked open the obligatory Molson Canadian and printed out my fantasy race sheets so that I could monitor my progress in the NASCAR fantasy games. My pick here on OneBadWheel to win the race is Kyle Busch. And for the second time tonight, a kid was impressing me. Like my son, sometimes Kyle Busch really annoys the hell out of me. Hey, I’m just being honest here, I love my son, but raising kids can be a challenge and my son sure knows how to push my buttons sometimes. And yet, at times when I least expect it he will do something to really impress me.

Same can be said about Kyle for me. As much as both of the Busch brothers annoy me sometimes, this kid’s talent just keeps getting brighter and brighter on the track. Several times during the last half of the 2007 season Kyle Busch would impress me during the races with his ability to wheel such a loose car and move up through the field. Back then I wondered if I had just been missing it before, or maybe he was just driving his heart out on some sort of long-term adrenaline rush to prove to Hendrick Motorsports (and other teams) that he is the real deal. In the end I chalked it up to motivation, determination, and aggravation at his being forced out of HMS to make room for Earnhardt Jr..

nascar kyle busch 18 interstate batteries toyotaI’ve changed my mind. I’m really starting to think that Kyle Busch simply is one of the most talented drivers on the track. He is doing things on the track that I haven’t seen since… well, since the mid ’90s with Dale Earnhardt. Things that are more characteristic of drivers like Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart. Like the “Intimidator,” Kyle just seems to be able to come from the very back to the very front, very quick and very much at will. [Yes, I used “very” a lot there, because I’m very impressed. :) ]. Before they threw the red flag for the rain delay, he was picking off cars left and right. There were shots on the TV coverage around laps 73-76 where Kyle appears to be flying around the competition with such ease. So much so that one might think he has about 100 more horsepower, or nitrous, or maybe Kyle has the real push from heaven that Ryan Newman only thought he got from Kurt Busch in last week’s Daytona 500.

Whatever it is, Kyle Busch is charging to the front. However, NASCAR is determined to get this race in tonight, and for us East cost fans it means we either stay up until after 1:30 AM for the anticipated restart, or TiVo it until tomorrow. As much as I want to watch Kyle’s performance, the morning comes too early and I’ve got three kids to get up and going for school & daycare. As of 1:30 a.m. ET,’s leaderboard service says “Activity is heating up on pit road. Still no definite on when racing could resume.

I don’t ever recall NASCAR being in a position such that they’ve had a restart so late at night early in the morning.
What do you think about the restart taking place so late?
What about your opinions on Kyle Busch?