BANG BANG It’s the Bud Shootout

“Wow. Nothing has really changed. It’s like we just napped through the midpoint of the race and woke up.

NASCAR is still making dumb calls. Carl Edwards only deserved a portion of what he got. Hey. Wait a minute.
Is Kyle Busch Drunk?
Were the referee’s from Super Bowl XL up there? Edwards got ‘SeaHawked’ in this race.

Then there is Kyle Busch. Still a wild child in the car. He reminds me of a 16-year old kid, drinking Milwaukee’s Best on a friday night, stumbling around and just out-of-control hyper and stupid. I predict I will ask this question no less than 10 times this year. Is that boy drunk?

Tony Stewart is still a paradox. The dude is badmouthing one minute and practically bestowing the win the next. It was cool to see him help out Denny Hamlin to get the win.

Denny Hamlin wins the 2006 Budweiser Shootout

Then, in grand NASCAR fashion we get essentially a green, white, checkered finish. I think this is a foreshadowing of things to come this season.

Actually something did change. The NAPA car and the Budweiser car weren’t drafting together. Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Micheal Waltrip have some kind of falling out? Hmmm. That must have happened while I was sleeping.”