Behind the scenes Lowes Motor Speedway

“I’ve been lovin’ me up some SPEEDtv these past couple of weeks.

I attribute my prolific pre-season blogging to watching the various SPEEDtv broadcasts. I was too tightwad last year to increase my satellite package, thus relegated to only Sunday races. Now I’m in heaven.

One show that’s really interesting is 7 Days. Through the show I’ve come to admire several NASCAR personalities in a new way. I’m basically easy that way. Put a good spin on someone and I buy it. Makes life simpler and happier I reckon’. (YES, Shelly. I’m sure y’all will wear me down for your boy JJ.)

7 Days episodes I’ve enjoyed involved Marty Smith (, JJ Yeley, Boris Said, the ‘Racing Authentics’ folks and even Ty Norris (former VP at DEI and now with Michael Waltrip Racing). Ty made an interesting comment on Dale Earnhardt enticing him to come work at DEI. Earnhardt referred to his merchandise marketing enterprise as a ‘Runaway train’. Implying the lucrative possibilities of it were tremendous. The Racing Authentics guy referred to Earnhardt as the catalyst for the NASCAR merchandising business. His t-shirt trailer selling so well. But as Jerry often says…I digress.

Tonight’s insightful snippet comes from a conversation between Humpy Wheeler (GM of Lowe’s Motor Speedway) and Brian Vickers during the Bank Of America 500 qualifying. If you’ll recall, this was the week following Brian Vickers third-to-first on the last lap (how’s that for spin? Literally) to win the UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega.

Humpy: “Congratulations, now that was a great win, man, that was fantastic. Let me tell you something, if this had been 10 years ago, that’s the way you did things.”

Vickers: “Hey, hey, it’s an entertainment sport, right?”

Humpy: “It is, it is.”

Meanwhile, the NASCAR Nation was erupting with cheers and jeers. Fans, drivers (and ummm a crew chief…cough…Chad Knaus…cough) were all voicing stinging opinions about Vickers, his ability and his future.

My daughter really digs the drama of WWE Wrestling.
Me, I dig the drama of NASCAR.

Sometimes I wonder if the two are very far apart.

What do you think?”