Bristol Sharpie 500

Saturday night racing. Short track. Fast cars. Helmets, heat shields and fingers flying. Bristol Motor Speedway. Need I say more?

Nothing matches the anticipation of Saturday night at Bristol.

Current Point Standings: Position 8 through 14

Position Driver Points
8 Ryan Newman 2773
9 Carl Edwards 2758
10 Jamie McMurray 2702
11 Dale Jarrett 2651
12 Jeff Gordon 2644
13 Elliott Sadler 2636
14 Kevin Harvick 2620

There is no division among race fans when it comes to Bristol. I love Bristol. We all do. It’s like hometown saturday night. I want wrecks. I want smashed up cars. I want drivers stalling the emergency crew by their smoldering racecar, waiting for that so-and-so to come around the track so I-can-tell-him-how-mad-I-am. Yes, it’s all fun and games for us. But how about those drivers above that are seperated by a mere 153 points?

These Drivers’ Bristol Stats

Driver Avg. Start Avg. Finish
Ryan Newman 5.86 20.0
Carl Edwards 33.5 29.5
Jamie McMurray 17.0 10.6
Dale Jarrett 22.82 17.09
Jeff Gordon 3.45 13.18
Elliott Sadler 15.91 20.27
Kevin Harvick 17.82 9.73


Based on nothing but gut (and some hope), here is the Official ‘One Bad Wheel’ prediction for these drivers after this weekend’s race.

In the top 10 after Bristol? Same drivers, different order. Ryan Newman (8th), Jamie McMurray (9th) and Carl Edwards (10th).

In 11th place? A very close Elliott Sadler.

I know it’s a different sport, but it applies this week. In the words of Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on!”