“What a race.

This may just be the race I needed to put me back into my normal ‘rabid NASCAR’ state for the 2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup season.

The blue deuce with Kurt Busch behind the wheel made an awesome combination. I’d love to have been with Rusty Wallace and heard his thoughts. Had to be bittersweet and colorful commentary coming from his mouth. I look forward to hearing him in the television booth soon. Kurt Busch still bothers me though. It is so obvious that Penske (or maybe Miller Brewery) expects a positive, carefree attitiude from their driver. Rusty was Mr. Public Relations to the core.
Jeff Gordon goes after Matt Kenseth

Jeff Gordon looked like a mini Darth Vader coming up to Matt Kenseth after the race. He was as protected as an astronaut in outer space from receiving any retaliation from Kenseth. I guess Gordo was in a hurry to make his feelings known though. Can’t blame him. That bump cost him at least 15 positions. Probably scored him some ‘big-strong-man’ points with his current hottie.

What was that noise? Oh, you mean the ‘woo hoo’ cheer when Tony Stewart sent Martin Truex Jr. spinning? Yeah, that was me. The clapping too. Welcome to NASCAR Mr. Truex.

How about Kenny Schrader? Man, that dude put up a valiant fight to get back on the lead lap. The Little Debbie’s car was looking good, but Schrader just couldn’t get to the right place at the right time. I was glad to see the on-camera time and talk that FOX gave to the Little Debbie sponsorship. Make ‘em feel like they are getting their moneys worth.

And, how about Bobby Labonte. Go #43! Your 5th place finish looked mighty nice.

Then there is my man, Dale Jarret. Get out of the way! Gotta cut you some slack, too. I’ve been right in your position man. Last few laps of Bristol. Car is a little beat up. You move over for anyone and that puts your pursuers that much closer. I do the same thing everytime I’m in that spot on NASCAR Thunder.

Great race day. Thank God we got another one coming up next week in Martinsville.”