Contest Giveaway: Smoke on the Brickyard

NAME Celebrates Win of RACE at TRACKFirst thing. I need you to help me out here and get in the spirit of this post. See the OneBadWheel logo up at the top left of your screen? Good, now look right below the word “Bad” and click on the little orange box with the #20 in it. Great, now you’ve pimped your OneBadWheel to Smoke’s colors! You may now proceed.

OK boys and girls, it’s time for another contest that is tied into our free fantasy game Champs, Chumps & Sleepers. So far this year we’ve had two mid-segment giveaways. One was a six pack of diecast cars for the fantasy team with the highest score for the Darlington race. The second giveaway was a pair of diecast cars featuring the two #88 paint schemes of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevrolets. When Jr. won his first race of 2008 we took all eligible teams and the one with the highest score for that same race was declared the winner. That was easy! So far though that prize has not been claimed! Boomersbumpdraftin,” you better speak up and claim your cars!

Looking ahead on the schedule I decided the next track that would be good to focus a giveaway around would be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Now when I think Brickyard, I think of Tony Stewart. After all, he has some pretty impressive stats there (scroll to the bottom of this post for “Smoke-stats” at the Brickyard). So, the next contest is going to be centered around Tony Stewart and the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. Now that race isn’t until July 27, 2008. So there’s plenty of time to enter your team and be eligible to win. Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re not already playing Champs, Chumps & Sleepers, then sign up. It is after all…..FREE & easy!
  • Once you’ve signed up and have your team, you’ll need to visit your team’s page and click on “My Groups.” From there, click on the “Join a Private Group” link and enter the group name and password below. Your team MUST be in the private group before the race day deadline to be eligible to win! So join it now to be sure you’re in!
    Group Name:Brickyard Contest
    Password: Smoke
  • Be sure to fill out your fantasy roster for the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard by that race’s deadline. Once the deadline to adjust your roster for that race has passed, the group’s password will be changed and no more teams will be allowed to join during the race.
  • IF Tony Stewart finishes the race in the Top 5, then the eligible team with the highest score for the Brickyard race will win a Tony Stewart prize pack. If Tony fails to finish the race in the top five, then the prize pack will not be awarded and may be offered up in another contest at a later date. So you’ll just have to come back, keep playing and try again.

Now, just for the record, my team (“Foothills Racing”) is in the group, but that’s because I created the group. I am not eligible to win and neither is my wife. Everyone else who joins the group is eligible. This includes the volunteer contributing writers to OneBadWheel, as well as the owner himself of OneBadWheel. Also, the prize pack must ship to a US address (sorry Abu).

So what are you waiting for? Go join the group now and feel free to post some Trash Talk in the private group as well! Good luck, and let’s have some fun! By the way, here are some of those impressive “Smoke-stats” I mentioned earlier.

  • In the 2007 race he led 65 laps on his way to victory. 100% of his laps were ran in the top fifteen. His average running position was 2nd. He had a series best 45 “fastest laps” and attained a 146.0 out of a 150.0 possible driver rating.
  • He has 2 wins at the Brickyard, making him one of only 3 drivers with multiple wins here. Jeff Gordon has 4 wins at Indianapolis and Dale Jarrett has 2 wins.
  • In 9 career starts he has 4 top fives, 6 top tens, and has never finished worse than 17th.
  • In those 9 starts, Tony has completed 100% of the laps (1,441), and has led 215 of them.
  • He has an average start of 16.2 and an average finish of 7.6
  • Total Brickyard winnings: $2,409,012