Contest Winner: When Jr. Wins, You Win!

“Back in March I posted a little contest here in the blog section: When Earnhardt Jr Wins His First Race Then You Win Too!” The rules were simple. First, if you weren’t already registered, sign up to play the OneBadWheel free fantasy game Champs, Chumps & Sleepers. Second, either join the private contest group in the game, and/or simply post a response in the blog’s comments section of that article and list your team name. When Dale Jr. won his first race, then the race team with the highest points that race would win a pair of Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars.

A little over three months later and we now have two winners. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Lifelock 400 at Michigan International Speedway, and Boomersbumpdraftin” had the highest score of all eligible players with 311 points. Here is the roster that “Boomersbumpdraftin” won the contest with:

  • CHAMPS: David Ragan, Matt Kenseth
  • CHUMPS: Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick
  • SLEEPERS: Kurt Busch, Jamie McMurray

Currently “Boomersbumpdraftin” is in 253rd position for Segment #2, and 87th in the overall season standings. There’s still plenty of time in this segment and in the season to make a charge to the front. I myself fell out of the top 100 in segment #1 only to make up ground and finish in the top 20. So “Boomersbumpdraftin”, keep up with those great picks, and congratulations.

Here are how the other eligible teams finished. Note, there were some who didn’t play at all, and yet a few others who didn’t post a team name (hard to score you if we don’t know who you are! Tsk, Tsk!). Those players below with tied scores were listed in order according to their rank in the overall season standings.

  1. 311 = Boomersbumpdrafters
  2. 293 = Xavier Thomas Racing
  3. 276 = Getcha Some
  4. 276 = Jeff Burton Fan
  5. 258 = Gimp Racing
  6. 258 = Prestissimo Racing
  7. 251 = Gr8 88
  8. 219 = Breanna Racing
  9. -100 = The PNB Victory Hat Dance
  10. -100 = RacerX
  11. -100 = The Last Lap #3
  12. 0 = “Mike Thomas” (No team name found)
  13. 0 = “Andreas” (No team name found)
  14. 0 = “Diecast cars” (No team name found)

“Boomersbumpdrafters”, I will fire off an e-mail to you so I can get your shipping address to send these diecast cars to you.”