Dale Jarrett Racing School

Dale Jarrett Racing SchoolI’ve been going to races for 35 years and never been in a car on the track. I’ve dreamt about it. I suppose most race fans have.

I received an email from the Dale Jarrett Racing School asking if I was interested in blogging about their race school. I make no secret I’m a huge Dale Jarrett fan. Still, I won’t speak favorably about something on a whim. You mean more to me than that.

I’ve known about the handful of racing school opportunities, tightwad I am, I always considered them out of my league.
Dale Jarrett Racing School
Intrigued though, I clicked over to the Dale Jarrett Racing School website and was surprised. As little as $150.00 will get you a 3-lap qualifier package to hop in a real NASCAR Nextel/Busch Series race car, go fast and turn left. Want to do more than whet your appetite? Packages range from 6 to an amazing 80 laps of on-track fun.

This is actually looking like a viable late Christmas gift my wife can get me! You are reading this post, right honey?
Dale Jarrett Racing School
Three things puts their program on my A-list and sold me on sharing their racing school with you.

  • The ownership includes Ned Jarrett, Dale Jarrett, Brett Favre and Joe Nemechek. Respected names for sure.
  • They use real NASCAR cars. Not neutered show cars, but real race cars that have been used in real races.
  • You’re not just one lone car turning laps. You’re out there with up to 7 other drivers passing and drafting!

Dale Jarrett Racing School
The school operates almost year round and has an excellent safety record. They provide racing suit, racing helmet and hans device.

The current 2008 schedule is running at 5 different tracks: Atlanta Motor Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway, Lowe’s Motorspeedway, Kentucky Speedway and Kansas Speedway.

If you live or travel anywhere near these tracks and you are a NASCAR fan or love someone who is, I couldn’t think of many things more memorable than doing this. They have Christmas gift certificates available right now, so it’s not too late!

I’d love to hear from anyone who has participated, is planning to or wants to do this!”