DiamlerChrysler 400

“Pretty good racing this afternoon in Vegas for the boys of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. The lead cars spread out, although the gaggle of 3 wide racing in the gratuitous Dale Earnhardt Jr. shots were kinda hairy.

I got to give a shout out to my ‘Fantasy Racing’ star Tony Stewart. You blew it for me man. We had a top 5. Aggression is no way to handle your anger. You looked like a fool and lost at least 15 spots in the process. I’d bet Tony wasn’t available for comments after the race.

First things first

Have the broadcast opening segments always been as cheesy as this one? I’m not sure who the demographic they were targeting for that intro, but I don’t think it was the seasoned race fan.

And gosh, poor Chris Myers. That dude was sick. He and Alan Bestwick are my two most favorite they-don’t-look-like-race-fans announcers. I dig ‘em both. And, they DO know their stuff.

What is with the high-five thing that the teams do after the National Anthem? I know, I know. We see ‘em do that each week. Maybe they just showed too many this time. It reminded me of my 6-year olds soccer game where us parents make a tunnel for the kids to run through.

Ryan ‘sour grapes’ Newman

So. Is this the final year on Ryan Newmans contract at Penske? Get that boy out of there and into a Chevrolet will ya? Richard Childress Racing would be a great place for him to go after Kevin Harvick vacates the #29 to race a Toyota next year.

Ryan Newman’s quote after his miserable 88 laps of circling Las Vegas Motor Speedway was, “Just another Dodge”. I’m sure the race sponsor loved that.

And finally. What are 46% of the poll repondants to the Cingular Poll question thinking? It was the ever talked about, ‘Buschwhacker Controversy’.

Should Cup drivers be allowed to race in the Busch Series?

Allowed? Where are you gonna draw the line? Last year Carl Edwards ran 35, Greg Biffle 27, Kasey Kahne 22, Kevin Harvick 21, Sterling Marlin 19, Michael Waltrip 17, Joe Nemechek 17, Jamie McMurray 16, Elliott Sadler 16 and Matt Kenseth 15. That’s a lot of races out of a 35 race schedule. I’d say they are pretty committed to the Series. And, the ‘superstar’ credibility they bring with them is nothing but good for the series.

That’s my 2 cents. What’s yours?”