Earn Your Darlington Stripe NASCAR Contest Winner Announced

darlington raceway contest win cars champs chumps sleepers fantasy gameCongratulations to Joe T. of Arizona! Joe participated in the Earn Your Darlington Stripe diecast giveaway contest by playing our free Champs, Chumps & Sleepers game. After joining the free fantasy game, all Joe needed to do was join the free contest league and then have his team of drivers earn him the best score for the Darlington race.

Joe’s fantasy team (“The Dimes”) earned a very good 474 points for the Darlington race. Joe beat the second place finisher in the contest group by a fairly comfortable 25 point margin. The following is Joe’s winning lineup:

  • CHAMPS: Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth
  • CHUMPS: Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman
  • SLEEPERS: Kurt Busch, Mark Martin

Out of all teams playing the Champs, Chumps & Sleepers game, only seven teams did better than Joe for the Darlington race. However, those teams didn’t join the free contest group so they were not eligible to win. With only a couple races left in segment #1 of the game, Joe’s team is 1,156 points back from the overall leader, putting him in 277th position. However, as pointed out in the contest, it doesn’t matter where you are in the overall standings…. anyone could have won! Joe’s picks came through for him at the right time and now he has a six-pack of free diecast cars in the mail for his efforts.

Joe was also kind enough to take a little time and answer some questions for us!

  1. Joe, how long have you been a NASCAR fan?
    “For 35 years. I worked on the NASCAR circuit in 1984 for Hendrick Racing.
  2. Who is your favorite driver(s)?
    “Tony Stewart & Todd Bodine
  3. Which race track is your favorite on the NASCAR circuit?
    “Las Vegas & Phoenix. Of course Riverside and Ontario in the old days.
  4. How many races do you attend each year?
    “Two races. Last year I did Darlington!
  5. How did you discover OneBadWheel.com &/or the Champs, Chumps & Sleepers fantasy game?
    “I found the game on a list of racing fantasy games.
  6. How did you pick your winning team for the Darlington race?
    “Basically, I made my picks by with a guess, or by seat-of-the-pants.
  7. Did you watch the race?
    “Yes! I watch every race, including the Craftsman Truck Series and Nationwide series. Though it’s still the Busch Series to me.
  8. Do you plan any other NASCAR fantasy games? If so, which ones?
    “Yes, I play several. Yahoo, ESPN, NASCAR, FOX, CSK OVAL, CSK Drag, Sporting NEWS, Pepsi, 3M, & a couple others.
  9. What sections of OneBadWheel.com do you visit most? (ie. Upcoming Race & Results Pages, Drivers Info & Statistics, Fantasy Tools, Experts Articles, Blog, Fantasy Game, etc.)
    “Pretty much just visit OneBadWheel.com to play the game.
  10. Do you subscribe to the OneBadWheel.com Newsletter?
  11. Do you have anything you’d like to add, or interesting information you’d like to share with our readers?
    “The only thing to share is I have been collecting NASCAR diecast for 17 years and at one time the collection numbered over 2,200 cars. It got too big and I had to sell some because it was taking over our house.