Earnhardt Jr. Needs To Get His Nation In Order

“Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a great showing in the Dodge Challenger 500 at Darlington Raceway. As I expected, he ran up front almost the entire race (365 of his 367 laps were ran inside the top 15). He also did just as I thought he would do when around Kyle Busch; he did NOT seek retaliation. Dale continues to keep his focus on the championship drive. His actions on the track Saturday also reinforced what he said about the incident between him and Kyle Busch in Richmond (he didn’t believe Kyle wrecked him on purpose). So kudos to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for putting on a great show and keeping that awesome looking #88 Mountain Dew car up front the entire race.

dale earnhardt jr mountain dew uniform darlingtonWhile Earnhardt Jr. deserves those kudos, many of his fans deserve a reprimand and some should not be permitted to attend future races. Once again there were those few rotten fans schmucks throwing beer cans and debris over the heads of REAL fans in the grandstands and onto the track as Kyle Busch passed by for his victory lap. Ignoring the fact that it’s wasting perfectly good beer, and that it’s a pathetic public display of ones character, it most importantly is also threatening the safety of REAL fans! There are women and children in the stands and the thought of a stray beer can striking one of them simply pisses me off to be blunt about it. Imagine a mother or child getting struck, injured and/or killed as a result of a stray beer can! And on a Mother’s Day weekend no less! As I sat there in turn four, 19 rows up, I witnessed the behavior of those individuals and feared for my son’s safety.

You few lunatic fringe members of Jr. Nation (and you few lunatic fringe members of the “We Just Hate Kyle Club”) should be ashamed of yourselves. And if you sat near or witnessed an individual throwing the debris, and you did nothing, then you too should be ashamed of yourselves. Star drivers such as Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and most especially Dale Earnhardt Jr. should come out and call out those fans! They should come out in their interviews and stop for once touting their sponsors name, and instead say something along these lines:

“If you claim to be a fan of mine,
yet you’re throwing beer cans at other drivers,
then you’re not the type of fan I need.
If you can’t stop endangering others, then don’t come to the races,
don’t claim to be a fan of mine, and don’t wear my number!
For you are not the type of fan I need,
and you are not the type of fan I want!

No, Earnhardt Jr. can’t really be expected to control those individuals. But he most certainly should make an attempt at getting his Nation in order. His voice can certainly influence Jr. Nation to a greater degree than any other. Perhaps with his lead, those REAL fans within Jr. Nation will help self-police themselves. If those individuals can’t be influenced by their favorite driver and by the peer pressure of the REAL fans within Jr. Nation, then I unfortunately think the next step is for tracks to start prohibiting beer cans in the grandstands. Plastic bottled water or soda in soft sided coolers will be our only options I fear, if we’re lucky. And we’ll be forced to go to the concession stands for our 12oz beer in a plastic cup and pay $2.50 or more for it! All because some people have poor character traits and no self control. When the cost to go to a race is as high as it is, we certainly don’t need to risk loosing the privilege of being able to bring in our own beer. We also don’t need to fear going to a race with the hopes of being entertained and then end up seeking medical attention.

If you think Kyle Busch stinks so bad and you hate him so much, then imagine if YOU are THAT GUY who throws that one beer can that ends up hitting a kid. Imagine being THAT GUY who injured or killed another child, woman or man. Imagine if you’re THAT GUY whose actions are the ones that causes all tracks to change the way all fans across the country can attend a race when the tracks start preventing cans in the grandstands. Tell me now, all my fellow beer drinking NASCAR fans, would you still hate Kyle that much…. or would you hate THAT GUY? How much more would you hate BEING THAT GUY?