Elliott Sadler Lays Down a Fast One

Elliott Sadler is the new face of Dodge
Elliott Sadler & Ray Evernham came out swinging this weekend at Michigan International Speedway with an outside pole qualifying lap.

You know the comparisons are going to be made, so let me lay ‘em out for you in advance.

Jeremy Mayfield‘s start positions for the last 3 Michigan races are: 18th, 11th & 5th. Not too bad really.

Elliott Sadler’s start positions for the last 3 Michigan races are: 32nd, 8th & 18th. Not as good as Mayfield’s. I’d say that Elliott’s qualifying run is not just having a better car than he had at Robert Yates Racing, but also of him turning up the heat for this weekends race.

Dave Newton at nascar.com is picking Elliott to win the race this weekend. While our fantasy race pick leader, Cami Starr, is also at least willing to roll the dice on him. The common thought is that Evernham is giving Elliott one well tuned car to race in. If there is any merit to the ‘this driver (aka Kasey Kahne) is getting the better cars than that driver (aka Jeremy Mayfield) I’d bet it all that Elliott is driving one of Kasey’s cars.

Everyone involved in the NASCAR dirt drama these past two weeks has something to prove. Ray Evernham has pride to recover for him and his organization. Elliott Sadler wants to show the new ‘boss’ that he is the man. Bringing home the trophy would be just the thing for the Evernham organization. In fact, I know that my face would be all smiles if Elliott Sadler crosses that finish line first.

It’s just too bad that Jeremy won’t get the opportunity to prove anything. He’ll be at home doing laps on his tractor.”