ESPN Stockcar Challenge: Richmond International Crown Royal 400

Fantasy racing advice for your ESPN Stockcar Challenge team.

Top-tier Driver Bargains

Just like a great stock at a low price, this week we find some great drivers at their lowest value of the season.

  • Tony Stewart: Tony started the year out valued at 23.5, the same price he is going for right now. Unless you want to take a chance he will crap out at Richmond, you might want to find a way to fit him on your team.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Although Juniors value went up .2 this week, you can still catch him on the tail-end of being a bargain. Junior started out the year at a high value of 22.6. His current value of 22.2 is a great rate that is sure to keep rising as the season progresses.
  • Kyle Busch: Shrub has been the victim of bad luck city this year. It’s gotta change, right? He’s had awesome cars. His drop of .5 is the biggest drop of the top-tier drivers and puts him at a solid 22.0. He started the year at 21.8, so if your feeling a little risky (and thinking maybe his horrible luck will subside) he is definitely a bargain to become a valuable driver on your team. His average Richmond finish is 4th!
  • Carl Edwards: Carl is a risky stock. It’s been so long since he has consistently performed well. He was valued at 22.1 at the beginning of the season. His current 21.8 is lower, and may be a bargain, but he is risky.
  • Greg Biffle: The Biff is another Roush driver that has great potential, yet little results to show for it. His stock value at the beginning of the season was 21.9, so his current value of 21.2 is a deep discount. Buy at your own risk.

Middle-Tier Drivers

There are a few drivers in the middle-tier that are still priced low, but higher than at the start of the season. If you want them, you better get them now.

  • JJ Yeley: Yeley’s value has shot up .5 so far this year. Not a bad return. He is continuing to rise, but for a 17.0ish range driver, he has scored more points than any driver around him.
  • Tony Raines: Raines has increased the most in value of this mid-tier group since the beginning of the season. A whopping .6 so far. His 849 total points this year averages out to a solid 94 points a race.
  • Jeff Green: Jeff is creeping up in value as well. He’s increased by .3 so far this season. Like Yeley and Raines, he is a high points scorer for his value.

Worthwhile Bottom-Tier Drivers

To be able to afford at least 2 of the top-tier drivers, you gotta have a low-priced bargain driver. Someone you hope can net you a few solid points each week.

With the number of drivers outside the top-35 that are in this group, I think your best bet is David Ragan at 14.6. He is averaging a very respectable 88.0 points a race. He’s increased .9 since the beginning of the season. Unless you want to juggle drivers that don’t qualify, Ragan is the way to go.