Fan Vote for 11th Chase Driver?

“The NASCAR rumor mill has spit out another seed of craziness with the concept of having fans vote in an 11th driver to the Chase. What lunacy. It seems the horror of Golden Boy Jeff Gordon’s inability to squeak into the Chase, and the certainty that Earnhardt Jr.’s dismal performance will keep him on the outside looking in, some people want to be able to vote them in. I saw it mentioned in this article from Please tell me no one could seriously think this is a good idea.

There’s an overwhelming perception in NASCAR that its playoff system will be a bust if Earnhardt and Gordon are locked out, and it led to a fast-spreading rumor this summer that a rule was being considered that would allow fans to vote one driver into the Chase.

Rumor Squashed

Thankfully, the article includes quotes from Brian France and Dale Earnhardt Jr. saying they are against such a lame way of getting into the Chase.

We Can’t Be Trusted

Remember Martin Truex Jr. getting voted into the All-Star Challenge for 2005? How crazy was that? NASCAR fans have no place voting for anything, except a Republican president and maybe a paint scheme. C’mon man. A race (or a championship) is based on performance. Not on who your daddy (or boss) is.

Remember why we got this whole ‘Chase For The Cup’ concept going anyway? Because Matt Kenseth won one race, but won the championship. Let’s keep racing…racing. Not a popularity contest.”