Fantasy Racing

As usual, this time of year, I am fretting over when the heck and are going to start their fantasy racing games.

I’ve played the Ultimate Fantasy League at for about 4 years now. It’s an alright game. The main excitement of this game is the team draft that takes place before the season starts. Real-time bidding against 5 other players for the 4 drivers that will fill your roster. From then on out it’s simply keeping your best 3 drivers on your active roster. Maybe switching things up at certain tracks. You go against another players team for total points each week. You get a win or a loss. End of the year, whoever has the most wins…wins.

My favorite fantasy racing game is Stock Car Challenge over at It’s the salary cap principle of buying a team of 5 drivers with your $100.00. Just like company stock, their value goes up or down depending on their performance. There is strategy to this game which makes it much more fun.

Both of these games are free to play. Two years ago I swore off fantasy games because I’d get so worked up when my team crashed out. Last year went well. I hope this year is the same.

Hopefully, the Fantasy NASCAR will be a useful resource for myself and others this year.

Anybody have any other free fantasy racing games they like to play?