Field Fillers: 2005


I’ve been working on what I’m humbly calling “The Ultimate Fantasy NASCAR Database. I’ve just finished entering the results for 2005. The number of different drivers that competed in the 34 races this season is 85.

My Take:

I’m anal about stats. I love ‘em. I would never have guessed there were that many different drivers that made it into the race field during the year.

I guess you could look at the number as negative. How many drivers lost a ride during 2005? And sure, there were many Busch drivers (‘Cupwhackers’?) that competed as well.

But, I think it’s an encouraging number. It’s great to see so many drivers are getting (and taking) their chance on a dream. Nextel Cup is the acme of stock car racing. With the focus so much on the ‘Chasers’ and the delivery, beer & paint guys, it’s cool to know that other racers are getting a shot as well.”