Finding Things To Munch For 90 Days

 class=When I’m bored I eat. If I’m in a lull with nothing to do, I find myself back in the kitchen opening up the same refrigerator looking at the same food. Nothing there to really satisfy me, but grabbing something to munch on anyways.

That’s how I feel during the 90 days that encompass the ‘off-season’ for NASCAR. I find myself repeatedly searching the cable guide for anything race related to record. Something to munch on while I wait for Speedweeks.

Right now my recorded shows are:

  • 2-week old ‘Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain’
  • World of Outlaws Late Models race
  • CMT Greatest NASCAR Comebacks
  • ‘NASCAR Racing’ (set to record one night at 3:00 am. It’s only an hour long, but the title was right)
  • NASCAR: Chasing Glory
  • Knoxville Nationals Highlights

All very worthwhile programming I’m sure, but not on my normal consumption list. Kind of like that refrigerator browsing I started this post with.

I’m still trying to catch more than the last 17 minutes of ‘Dale’. I doubt I’ll buy it, so I need to catch it at the right time. Plus, there is the Awards Banquet coming up this Friday at 9:00 pm EST on ESPN Classic. Sounds like it’s dead already.

So, what do you do to endure the 90 days of team communications radio silence? Same as me? Or, do you enjoy having a weekend free from the television?

Searching for some outbound links for this post I just found that Steve & Charlie aren’t sweating the off-season at all. They have plenty of things for the NASCAR fan to do in the dead of winter.”