Full Throttle Andrenaline DVD

Full Throttle Adrenaline DVD
The folks at A&E Home Entertainment sent me a copy of the Full Throttle Adrenaline DVD to check out and share with you. Details on how to score one of the two free copies I have to give will be coming soon.

This is a 2-disc set of quality NASCAR footage and commentary. The 2 DVD’s run a total of 113 minutes. It was fun watching it with my wife. Her, being a NASCAR noobie, and me with a few years under the NASCAR belt, it was great to see footage I had seen and also not seen before.

I prattled on during the Kurt Busch and Ricky Craven Darlington finish. I filled in the context for Kevin Harvick’s win over Jeff Gordon at Atlanta. Classic Allison brothers and Cale Yarborough fighting. Richard Petty wrecking across the finish line. Plus, tons of other footage that I had never seen (or not seen enough).

This DVD lives up to it’s name of Full Throttle Adrenaline because it really did have us on the edge of our seats with the wealth of great NASCAR footage.

The DVD is hosted by Steve Byrnes and flows along at a good pace.

Along with the intense NASCAR on-track footage is an interesting trip to the NASCAR R&D Center and Exclusive PC Wallpaper.

I wholeheartedly say that this DVD would make a great gift for yourself or the NASCAR fan in your life.