Full Throttle BBQ Sauce

Full Throttle BBQ Sauce
I hope you’ve seen the change on our experts weekly fantasy NASCAR articles that include an article sponsor.

I’m very happy to have Full Throttle Bar-B-Que Sauces on board as the featured company.

Paul*, the owner of Full Throttle BBQ Sauces contacted me after reading my Official NASCAR BBQ Sauce post. (Many kudos still to Chef Jason on his BBQ sauce recipes.)

Anyways, Paul sent me a sampling of Full Throttle BBQ for our family to try out. We did.


Full Throttle BBQ sauces come in two flavors: Mild and Hot. This is perfect for our family, because I like things hot and the wife & kiddo’s likes ‘em mild.

We all dipped our fingers in the jars and tried a taste while the grill was still warming up. The sauces were sweet, but not overly so. The Hot one left a nice aftertaste with a hint of a little zing on my tongue.

Both sauces were so good by themselves, I couldn’t resist licking the spoon clean each time I spread it on the meat in the final minutes of grilling.

Full Throttle BBQ sauces were a big hit with everybody. It didn’t overpower the great taste of the grilled pork ribs and chicken breasts. Although, my oldest daughter was spotted with her own little dipping bowl of BBQ sauce.

Paul sent me two of their ‘Biker Barbecue Boxes’ to share with two lucky site visitors.

Each Biker Box contains:

  • Mild BBQ Sauce
  • Hot BBQ Sauce
  • Hog Rub (for your Pork, Beef, Chicken or Fish)
  • Chicken Road Kill Rub (for, you guessed it, your Chicken)

I’ll be posting in the blog and the NASCAR fantasy newsletter the details on how to win those soon.

If you want to try Full Throttle BBQ sauces or rubs, check out Paul’s website and order some. You’ll be glad you did. Trust me.

*Not sure if I should be referring to Paul as the owner. Their website says, “Full Throttle Sauces was founded by the wives of two motorcycle enthusiasts who share their passion for bikes and barbecue.” So maybe Mrs. Paul is the owner :)”