Happy Mothers Day for all the NASCAR moms

Carl Edwards kisses his mother Nancy Sterling after winning his first Cup raceWe’ve all seen it happen on TV or heard it before on the radio. A young athlete makes an improbable game winning move in the last few seconds of the game. Or maybe the camera pans into the grandstands and stops on a bunch of teenagers or college student aged fans who have clearly been drinking something other than Coca-Cola. It almost never fails, “Hi mom!” they yell into the camera. When Carl Edwards won his first Cup race (the Golden Corral 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway) in 2005 his mother, Nancy Sterling, was there to celebrate with Carl in victory lane. Seeing a mom in victory lane or at the track really isn’t so odd in NASCAR though. Many driver’s wives and their children travel the circuit with the drivers and are at the race track quite often. Many of these “NASCAR moms” can be found on the pit box during the race (Kim Burton comes to my mind!).

This weekend my son hopes to get a chance to say “hi mom” into the camera from Darlington Raceway. You see, his mom will be staying home with the girls while he and I attend the Dodge Challenger 500. It will be my son’s first ever race and we are both very excited. On the way to school this morning he told me that if he sees Carl Edwards then he is going to ask him for an autographed tire. This came about because one of his buddies has an old race tire from Jeff Gordon’s car. I chuckled to myself trying to imagine how that could actually come true for my “little man.” I mean, it’s not like Carl has a crew member walking around behind him with a hand-truck stacked tall with used race tires. It also made me think of that David Ragan commercial where he throws a tire at a kid thinking that’s what he wanted. :D

So, while my son and I will be camping out after the race and making lifelong memories tomorrow night, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mother, to my wife, and to all the other moms out there in NASCAR country. If you haven’t heard Momsense” before, then click that link for they lyrics or just watch the clip below for a good laugh and appreciation for a mother’s day. As the father of three, and somewhat of a Mr. Mom myself, I can sooo relate!