Hendrick Motorsports Behind Climate Change?

Chad Knaus an evil scientist?
Few would consider the weather to be party to a Hendrick conspiracy.

Of course trailblazer Darren Fauth believes otherwise:

“I saw a headline (I think over at ESPN) a few weeks ago about Mother Nature giving the Championship to Johnson. I mildly thought it interesting when I saw it. Of course being a ‘Johnson hater’ I was disappointed with how it benefits him having so many quals rained out.

EDIT: The correct location of the headline was On Pit Row’s Steve Wronkowicz.

First off, Darren, God’s favorite driver is Morgan Shepard. Since Shephard is outside the top 35 in owners points, it wouldn’t behoove God to cancel qualifying (nevermind that Shepherd hasn’t attempted a Cup race since 2006).

Second, Darren may have actually seen the black helicopters and found the truth.

No matter what you believe about climate change and global warming, this much is true: The weather is changing and there is no better example for NASCAR fans than a quick glance at the number of rain-influenced weekends this year.

  • Qualifying has been rained out ten times, including five of the last eight races.
  • Races have been delayed, shortened and in the case of the Montreal Nationwide race, run in the rain.

It’s hard to tell how much of an effect weather has had on the Chase, but Jimmie Johnson has started the last three races on the pole PLUS his choice of pit selection.

Kyle Busch enjoyed the same benefit five times during the season. It doesn’t guarantee a good finish, but beginning races with 5 bonus points, track position and a choice pit stall certainly helps!

So how did this happen?

My first reaction was how could a NASCAR team possibly be powerful enough to alter the weather? As I did more research I realized that Darren was right. This thing goes deeper than anyone imagined.

Look at Last Year

  • Races at Richmond, Darlington and Pocono were all postponed or shortened by weather. Who won these races? Hendrick.
  • Who finished 1-2 in the championship? Hendrick.

Look at This Year

  • This year’s race at Fontana was delayed thanks to rain (and one of our new favorite words: weepers). Hendrick cars finished 2-3.
  • Richmond, Martinsville and Atlanta qualifying rained out: Jimmie Johnson finishes 1st, 1st, 2nd.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr was looking for a new team in 2007 and signed with Hendrick. Why? Horsepower, technology, talented personnel? Probably. A huge salary? Maybe. Or was it Rick Hendrick’s ability to make it rain literally? You decide.