How not to build a NASCAR web site

Ok. Yes. It’s time to lay out one last rant against before the start of the new season.

All you up-and-comers, take note. You want to build a racing web site? Please, don’t build it like!

I think I said something like NA$CAR, Visa and Marketing before.

I’m a big fan of web standards and usability. I’ve got a great book by Jakob Nielsen called ‘Homepage Usability – 50 Websites Deconstructed’. I gave his analysis technique a whirl on

This screenshot is of the aforementioned site a few months ago. I’ve colored various sections of the site according to the purpose they serve.

I guess since the site is owned by Turner that it’s not a big surprise they are such a sell-out. I think 2006 should be the year I break away from and give my loyalty somewhere else.

Anyone have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them. Give me a rundown of your stockcar racing new sites.