How To Win a Race

Dale Jr on the back bumper of Carl Edwards
Dale Jr moves Carl Edwards out of the way
Were you booing or cheering?

It was interesting to hear the equal amounts of contempt and joy from the stands.

If you watched the Busch Series race today at Michigan International Speedway you know what I’m talking about. What a fun race that was. The cars were running 4 and 5 wide and the intensity was high.

Robby Gordon

Robby Gordon has to be the most misunderstood (and under estimated) racer on the NASCAR circuit.

Maybe its just me. I hear talk about how ‘Robby races everything’, but I never see it, so I guess I don’t appreciate it. On the rare occassions we get to hear him he is usually a quote machine. He was, without a doubt, the driver I was rooting for.

And the buying Robert Yates Racing rumor? I’d never thought he had that kind of money. Guess it’s true, I don’t know Jack Robby.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. raced his way up to 2nd place with his 4 fresh tires and several laps to go, I doubted that Robby’s older tires could keep him ahead of Little E. While they were racing hard, Carl Edwards drafted right up to them and squeezed underneath to make it 3 wide. Then the caution flew.

Edwards restarted in the top spot.

Carl Edwards SMACKDOWN

Dale Jr & Robby Gordon are Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi
With a few laps to go, Edwards was running the high line with Robby behind and below him and Dale Jr. directly behind Carl.

You could see it coming. Junior and Gordon were gonna work Edwards over like Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi in a WWE tag team wrestling match.

I was thinking Juniors new focus was no longer winning the race, but to get Edwards loose and let Robby sail on to victory. Your nose up the guys tail in front of you in the turn at Michigan is the recipe for a loose car.

Now I’m not saying that Dale Jr’s intent was to wreck the boy. But, at 185mph sometimes things happen faster than you anticipate.


The Busch Series is becoming the NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers little playground anyway.

NASCAR drivers can go out and put there cars out on the line without fear of it ruining them in the points. It’s just for fun. Now, I’m not gonna lose any sleep over what Junior did. I hope he doesn’t either. Carl Edwards was hot, sure enough. But, he was plenty dumb for banging into Dale on the cool down lap. With Junior’s hand out the window, that could have turned into something bad. It was a classic moment on the in-car shot though.

That hit FREAKED Junior out.

It’s All Good

I was happy to see that Edwards had cooled down by the time he was interviewed. I’d like to have a transcript of the meeting with NASCAR after the race. Honestly though, people need to stop messing with Carl. Haven’t they seen how buff the dude is?”