If Mark Martin Raced The Full Season Results

What if mark martin ran the whole season?With Mark Martin currently in 11th place in the NASCAR Nextel Cup point standings, he is still in contention to make the Chase. Incredible, since he’s already skipped two races.

The consensus amongst the vocal commenters here was that Mark Martin made the right choice running the season how he wanted. I still agree.

But, what could be the outcome of a full season run for Mark?

It is the quintessential “What If?” question.

What If Mark Martin Ran The Full 2007 NASCAR Season?

I am charting 3 distinct NASCAR points columns for Mark Martin during the race season.

  • Mark’s Actual NASCAR Points
  • Substituting the minimum points possible (34 points) for each missed race
  • Substituting Mark’s Average Points at that track for each missed race

Ought to be a fun thing to watch. I’m not sure when his next scheduled ‘skipped’ race is. I’m sure it will come into question though depending on if Mark can remain in the top 12.”