I’m A NASCAR Champion And All I Have Is This T-Shirt To Show For It

dale jarrett provisional shirtI’m willing to bet we all know someone, or been the someone, that has blown through an inheritance much too fast.

It’s good times and high cotton at first. The end of the ride seems like it is way down the road. But finally comes the realization that it’s almost all gone. And you better start asking yourself: What have I accomplished with this? What am I gonna do now?

Dale Jarrett has to be asking himself those same questions right now.

He has 1 Championship Provisional left. He is 38th in the point standings. Less than 25% of the 2007 NASCAR season is over. He has only qualified for 2 races on time. He has an average finish position of 32nd. How in the heck is he going to keep racing the rest of the year?

And what of this talk that Mikey should get out of the car and focus on ownership? What about Jarrett? He’s not the owner and he is sucking just a tad less than Mikey. He’s qualified for 2 races to Waltrip’s 1.

Like a diminishing inheritance, Jarrett use up one more provisional every week. In the race, starting last, going laps down. I wonder if MWR has really made much progress at all? Things are gonna be really bad at MWR when 1 driver missing the race each week suddenly becomes 2.”