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dale jarrett's pay the fan racing gameAfter working on spotlighting car #18 in the Car Number Countdown to the Daytona 500 I thought I’d share a little with you about the only pay-to-play internet fantasy game I’ve ever played in. The name of the game is Pay The Fan and they have both a NASCAR Racing division and NFL Football division. Dale Jarrett is the co-owner of this site with Terry Bradshaw and I personally played in the racing division game last year. I didn’t do all that great, but I had a great time. Last year was the game’s inaugural season, and it was only a partial season consisting of the Chase races. So, the 2008 season will be the first time players will have the chance to play an entire race season! Last year the winner in the racing division took home the grand prize of $150,000 for a ten race game. Second place won $75,000 and third place took home $50,000. There were prize amounts all the way back to the 22nd spot at $1,000 for their finish. For the 2008 season they will have over $700,000 in payouts! Part of the payouts are weekly prizes of $5,000 to be split between the top 3 finishers for that week! So even if you’re not leading the game over the course of the season, everyone has the chance to win a part of at least one of the weekly $5,000 prizes! Also, Dale Jarrett himself posts expert advice before each race as the season goes along!

Help a Brother Out!

So, while I KNOW you’re playing our Champs, Chumps & Sleepers game to try and win that Dale Jarrett prize package, I highly encourage you to play Dale Jarrett’s Pay The Fan fantasy game too! Please, since I know you want to help me out, if you decide to join Pay The Fan consider doing me a favor and be referred by me. To do so, either click on the logo above, or this link, or just go to and enter “739” as a Referral Code when you sign up!

Once you’re signed up, be sure to visit the “Leagues” section (simliar to our “Groups” sections in the Champs, Chumps & Sleepers game) and click on the “Find” tab. From there, search for and join us in the public league that I’ve created: – Statistics for Racing Junkies” In that game I am “Team” and Darren will also be registering a team as well [will update post with his name once I know it].