Is that really a Ford?

Does a NASCAR Ford look like a real Ford?
Being a NASCAR fan entitles me to certain freedoms that aren’t afforded to those people and industries that are NASCAR.

I equate this aspect of being a NASCAR fan like going to a great party. One where you just show up and enjoy. No planning or preparation. No cooking, cleaning and arranging. No entertaining and having the duties of host or hostess. Not even sticking around afterwards and helping to clean up.

What I really mean is that the inner-workings of the NASCAR sport are not my concerns to worry about. I just want to show up and enjoy the party.

But, if you’re someone heavily vested in the NA$CAR franchise, like say Jack Roush, you get a little worked up and zealous about a new player moving into the area. This all just struck me this morning while reading about Jack Roush’s ‘declaration of war’ on the Toyota camp. Jack is clearly a Ford man.

I’ve never given much thought to why Toyota has entered the NASCAR Series. Oh sure, they want to represent. They want equal footing in America’s premier stock car racing association. Yes, it is about the almighty dollar.

But for me, the ‘Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday’ adage went out the window long ago when it got too hard to tell a Chevy from a Ford from a Buick. The on-track NASCAR cars all looked the same.

I guess you could saw I was passively raised a ‘Chevrolet Man’ simply because that’s what my folks always owned. My dad’s race cars were all Chevy’s. Likewise, most of my cars have been Chevrolet’s.

Odd thing is, it hasn’t stopped me from being a Dale Jarrett and Ricky Rudd fan. The blue oval or bowtie never influence me when it comes to my favorite driver. Likewise, my favorite driver doesn’t influence my choice of a make of car.

Maybe I’m not so into the manufacturers because I’m not a ‘mechanical man’. My mechanical repertoire includes: changing the oil, changing the brake pads and flushing the radiator.

More than likely though, it’s because the lines are too unclear between all makes of NASCAR cars to distinguish a difference. The teams have been allowed to morph the cars into an unrecognizable creation much akin to Michael Jackson.

So to me, I say bring it on Toyota. Let’s see you win some race with Dale Jarrett behind the wheel.

I wonder how many NASCAR fans agree…or disagree?

PS: Trucks are a whole ‘nother issue.”